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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Rock your movies out with Inappropriate Soundtracks

There's an interestingly amusing video trend going around YouTube these days and it combines movie and music love with a sly bit of wit. First featured at the Something Awful forums,Inappropriate Soundtracks are the shiny bright video flavors of the month.

The concept is basically taking certain scenes from well known films and changing the background music,substituting what was originally chosen for a tune that adds an extra touch of irony or some much needed snark.

It may just seem like another silly time waster,but some of these clips are very well edited ,so that it actually seems that the new music was meant to be there all along. Just take a gander at this set of scenes from Kill Bill(Vol. 1 and 2)and see if you can't get this song choices out of your head the next time you watch either film :

And here's another shot of Kill Bill that is now an unintentional toetapper:

Altho Inappropriate Soundtracks have hit big league films,smaller flicks have gotten the musical mockery as well. I saw this clip from Ong Bak:The Thai Warrior a couple of years ago and it inspired me to actually see the whole movie once it became available in the U.S.

Action scenes are prime targets for IST treatment and in this case,Michael Jackson's "Beat It" actually turns into a real kick ass tune,thanks to the awesome skills of Tony Jaa(who can also throw down on multiple bad guys as the ultimate animal rights defender):

Classic movies are not immune here,as this clip from The Apartment clearly shows. In a weird way,the radically different song switch provides a even stronger sense of urgency to the potential personal disaster that Jack Lemmon's character stumbles across while trying to manage a hook up of his own:

This gruesomely iconic scene from The Godfather gets a TV Classic twist that will have you watching those reruns with a rather dark perspective:

It may feel evil to giggle at the sunshiny song highlighting one of the most visually dramatic scenes from Gone With The Wind,but it feels really good,too:

These are only a handful of the IST clips to be found;other film favorites sprinkled with satirical songs include The Matrix,Fight Club,The Fugitive, The Dark Knight and even Passion of the Christ. If you're in need of a quick laugh fix, just take a big snarky slice from the Inappropriate Soundtracks buffet of brilliantly wicked scenes. After all,stress relief can only be fully achieved if we all fight for our right to party(even with Ewoks):

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