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Thursday, October 07, 2010

Top Chef:JD's sundae stunner,TAR loses a Team Gilmore and Don Draper is shaken and stirred on Mad Men

Before this week's Quickfire Challenge could get underway on Top Chef:Just Desserts, there was a Seth situation to deal with. Upon hearing that their opening task was to use Breyer's ice cream to create innovative sundaes,Seth asked if making their own ice cream was allowed and Gail told him "no" since this was obviously a show sponsor's product.

He then proceeded to chant "weak sauce!" and then while waiting in the stew room with the other chefs(the crew needed time to set up for the QF),Seth pitched a fit about some paper cups that he wanted to use but had been thrown away for some reason. He eventually left the room and worked himself up into a major anxiety attack and the upshot of that was Seth was deemed no longer able to continue with the competition.

That bit of news was quite a relief to everyone else,mainly due to Seth's constant antics since day one,and they set about the ice cream sundae challenge with refreshed spirits.

Morgan won this round for making what he called a "Sunday snack",in honor of his little boy who loves mint chocolate chip. Morgan did a milk and cookies variation,with warm chocolate milk and cold ice cream Oreos that granted him immunity.

For the Elimination challenge,everyone needed to work in teams of three and to even out the numbers,last week's ousted TC contender Heather C.(she of the resentful peanut butter cookie)was brought back into the competition.

Once teams were formed,all of them attended a performance by a group called Lucent Dossier Experience(sort of a goth version of Cirque De Soleil)and to make desserts that reflected their show,including one that had to be lit on fire.

Heather H. was on the team headed up by Morgan and received praise for the triple chocolate chai tea mousse torte that she made,along with the chocolate centerpiece also required for the challenge.

However,Heather H. felt put upon here,especially after the winner was announced,and griped about having to "carry people." A lot of crankiness on this show;maybe it's all that sugar,folks. Your guess is as good as mine.

Morgan won the challenge for his mango panna cotta with passion fruit sorbet and a acai berry gel. Not my first choice- I'm more of a chocolate fan-but he did it well and the LDE troupe liked it,too, which was a important aspect of the challenge,so good on Morgan there.

A losing team wasn't declared,since the judges had a few issues with both of the other groups. While they liked the sweet treats on Yigit's team such as Danielle's chocolate mousse cake with basil ice cream,the team's big mistake was in not flambeing their fire themed dessert(an almond citrus cake with bourbon)in front of the judges.

Yigit's best defense was that they did light up the cake for the regular guests. Yeah,but it's the judges who need to see you do that most of all there,buddy! Sheesh,someone needs to buy a clue,stat!

When Zac's team was called to Judges' Table,Malika insisted on being the one that was sent home. Judge Gail was reluctant to take her resignation,particularly since her saffron panna cotta crunch was a favorite amongst the panel,but accept it she did.

It's a shame,Malika was just starting to get the hang of things but between the various drama bombs going off on the show and missing her kids,she felt that it was time to go home. Who would have been dismissed if she hadn't done that is an intriguing topic but better tabled until next time.

Speaking of next week,some fancy shoes are delivered to the TC kitchen as part of an edible fashion challenge. I've seen an event like that on Food Network a long time ago and it'll be interesting to see what tasty outfits are whipped up for this Top Chef version.

The new Express Pass option on The Amazing Race has not been used yet,which was a good idea on this leg set in Ghana. The main challenges involved selling sunglasses in a crowded marketplace,installing TV antennas and moving elaborately craved coffins to a showroom. It's best to save that pass for something a bit more strenuous.

The team that was eliminated was one that I was looking forward to following;a reunited mother and daughter,Andie and Jenna. Andie gave Jenna up for adoption over twenty years ago and the two of them wanted to go on the race as a way of getting to know each other better.

While I'm sure that these two ladies will manage to do that just fine,regardless of the race,it would have been nice to see more of them. I was planning to call them Team Gilmore(they do resemble Lorelai and Rory somewhat there)but unfortunately,they lost a lead and followed the Pit Stop path to elimination:

The foundations of Sterling Cooper Draper Price were all shook up on Mad Men,as word of Lucky Strike,their biggest account,leaving them hit the streets. Roger knew all about it,having been dropped the dime on that by Lee Garner,Jr. but kept it under his hat as a way of avoiding the situation.

This was Roger's only main asset in the firm and he did his best to cover his tracks,but despite his playacting,his partners were not pleased with him at all. How long Roger will be sticking around the office is something that I wouldn't want to place a sure bet on.

Most shaken up here was Don,who found some comfort in a not too unexpected place,namely his new secretary Megan. Turns out that Megan has an interest in becoming a player in the advertising game and not shy about making that known to her boss,not to mention her practical approach to office romance.

While Don is starting to regain some of his former mojo(thrown off course in more ways than one this season),he is also falling back into his old pattern of staying with the blonde(Faye,in this case)while cheating with a brunette. Old dogs,new tricks,you know the saying and it certainly holds true for Don.

Then again,Megan seems more like the type of woman that he'd settle down with the second time around. Maybe my hunch about Megan becoming Sally's stepmother was a good one after all:


THE NEXT IRON CHEF: Season 3 of this Food Network competition started off with a bang,as many of the chefs were intimidated by fellow competitor Ming Tsai,a renowned chef and cooking show host in his own right.

Ming has quite a culinary reputation,which includes beating Bobby Flay on an episode of Iron Chef America,so he is a formidable foodie opponent.

However,that shouldn't cause the other cooking crusaders on deck here to pack up their knives too soon. With a couple of new judges and some savvy as well as savory challenges ahead of them,this could be anyone's game to win:

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