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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Worst Cooks try to get fancy,Downton Abbey's Dowager diva and American Idol marches on

With the Top Chef All-Stars taking a break this week,we will start our TV talk with a look at Worst Cooks in America.

After a make your own burger challenge which was judged via blind taste test,Chef Anne had to give up one of her recruits to Robert Irvine. Irvine switched his weakest cook Kat for Kelsey from Chef Anne's team but that change-up didn't benefit him much.

The Main Dish challenge had the recruits prepare two plates;one for their judge and the other for themselves,in order to taste their own merits and failures. Chef Anne taught her crew how to make a duo of lamb chops coated with a pistachio tapenade over a potato cake that needed to be flipped.

Most of her team did well here but dippy Erika once again used the wrong pan and her potato creation wound up stuck to the bottom of the skillet. Thank goodness she went home,her constant goofiness was annoying:

Irvine taught his team to make a pan seared duck breast with a sweet potato puree and an apple pomegranate reduction sauce. He also showed them how to Julienne veggies,which was pretty scary for some of the recruits to even think of trying.

Irvine had high hopes for Kelsey during this round but her final product on the plate landed her in the Bottom Two. Fortunately for her,Kelsey was given another chance but she's going to have to step up her game and grilling skills,big time:

Amongst all of the various goings-on at Downton Abbey this past episode,the antics of Dowager Countess Violet proved to be the most amusing.

Whether she's taking joy in showing up Isobel on the home remedy front or being gracious enough to allow one of the locals to win the annual flower show instead of her(in a very nice tip of the hat to Mrs. Miniver),Lady Violet was a treat to watch.

Of course,she still is determined to have her eldest granddaughter Mary gain her rightful inheritance and even consulted the current heir apparent Matthew for advice on the matter. He was more than happy to help,despite not being able to find a legal loophole that could break the entail. That shouldn't deter the Countess for too long since,as she pointed out to Matthew,Her Ladyship is a good sailor in rocky waters:

The auditions continue on American Idol,bringing the judges to Milwaukee for more musical madness,most of which came from Steven Tyler. I won't be surprised if the show's bleep button is worn out before Hollywood week begins,honestly.

Even more off the wall than Steven are the bad singers in the crowd and this week's hidden gem of horrible is Nathaniel Jones,a young Civil War reenactor who came in full uniform to serenade the panel with "The Lion Sleeps Tonight." While another episode(set in Nashville)will be airing tonight,I'm afraid that I will have to miss it so if someone else tops this awkwardly odd audition,so let it be:


THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: New episodes are back and hopefully more details about the arrival of ancient vampire Klaus will be revealed,along with other juicy plot points.

Speaking of juicy,the budding romance between newbie vamp Caroline and reluctant werewolf Taylor is rather intriguing and will probably lead to major heartbreaking angst. That doesn't mean you can't wish for some luck in love for these two unlikely lovers:

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