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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Purple Wedding aftermath on GOT,Don goes back to work on Mad Men and more special guest star action at Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Doing my TV Thursday coverage a little sooner this week,due to my having some personal business that needs attending to before the weekend(for those following The Year of Freddy Fear posts, the next installment should be underway tomorrow).

So,let's get on with Game of Thrones, which was quiet in some respects unless you were in Meereen where Dany's slave revolt went off without a hitch or any mercy for the unjust(sorry,Barristan,but I'm with the Mother of Dragons on this one). Meanwhile in King's Landing, Tyrion is wondering just how long he has to live until the trial(Jaime is not much help here,despite his attempt at reasoning with Cersei) as Margery wonders about her chances at still becoming queen.

She got a little insight into that from her grandmother Olenna,who isn't called the Queen of Thorns for nothing,folks. Interesting how both Margery and Sansa(now headed to the Eyrie with Littlefinger) are being made hostages to fortune by those who claim to care the most about them-just how well that's going to work out for all concerned will be surprising to them indeed:

Don Draper finally got back to work on Mad Men this week and it's about time since the whole creative department is swirling down the sprout,thanks to that creep Lou.

Don's return was rather abrupt as Roger mainly asked him back in order to have someone in his corner(Jim Cutler is slowly trying to ease him out the door and Roger knows it on some level).  I do wish that Joan had been more supportive but I can see how the current status quo has helped her gain a few steps up the corporate ladder and as a single mom, she needs to keep moving forward.

Naturally, the remaining partners put Don on a short leash for now and we'll see just how long he can tow the line before shaking things up in the right way(keeping my fingers crossed here!):

I am so glad that I finally saw Captain America: The Winter Soldier (my cinematic birthday present!) for many reasons,including a better appreciation of Maria Hill's appearance on Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. last night.

Between her determination to put the current past behind her and Coulson's need to retain some semblance of order for himself and what's left of his team(nice how Skye was able to leave them a message about Ward's true affiliation), the dramatic action was pretty tight. The physical action was nicely pulled off as well, with Col. Talbot making himself more of a problem than a solution and Skye and Coulson escaping from Deathlok and Ward via flying car, sweet! The best part of the character interaction for me was Melinda May returning to the fold but not without getting some much needed answers:


THE LEFTOVERS: HBO will be launching this miniseries event(based on the novel by Tom Perotta) at the end of June and the premise is rather promising. The title refers to those left on Earth after a "rapture" type of event and how one community is dealing with the social and emotional aftermath. Should be a real water-cooler conversation maker this summer, no doubt about it:

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Thaddeus said...

I must say, the speed with which SHIELD has turned itself around is quite impressive. Reviewers who were giving it Cs and D's before have been quite warm to the improvements in it. If the ratings follow, we could really be in for a deluge of Marvel properties, Feige's insane 14 year plan aside...