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Thursday, June 19, 2014

The game changing Game of Thrones finale,Food Network Star gets cutthroat and preparing for the last drop of True Blood

The season four finale of Game of Thrones certainly had people talking this week and while there is much to go over, my focus here is on Tyrion and Arya.

 Yes, it was sad to see Dany chain up her dragons but it had to be done. Also, Stannis joining forces with the Night's Watch was pretty awesome but those plot points will be more developed next season.

Tyrion's surprise escape plans took a detour as he went off to finish what business he had left with his father, who betrayed his son in more ways than one as it turns out. Finding Shae in Tywin's bed was another stab to Tyrion's already wounded heart and while it may be debatable about his killing her, there is no doubt that Tywin got what he deserved on the only throne he was ever entitled to in the first place:

The downfall of the Lannisters has been a long time coming and more is yet to come.  Tyrion's revenge was truly bittersweet and will haunt him for some time to come. You can feel bad for Jaime as well, who was the only other family member to give Tyrion any sort of respect and assistance, not to mention how badly Cersei will take all of this. Things in King's Landing are unraveling fast but where it will all end up is too soon tell.

Along with Tywin's takedown, the conclusion of Arya's time with the Hound is something that I've been waiting  to see on screen every since I finished A Storm of Swords.

I know that some of the book fans are annoyed at how some of these events were slightly altered from the book but come on, having Arya run into Brienne was a nice touch and sets up more than one story line for next season( Lady Stoneheart is coming sooner than winter,folks):

Not to mention that the fight between Brienne and The Hound was flat out amazing-yeah,yeah, it didn't happen that way in the book but wasn't that a nice surprise?

By now, my fellow book readers, you should know to accept certain changes from the source material and as long as the important elements are preserved(Arya leaving The Hound to die and then finding a ship to Braavos), let a few tweaks go. Just my opinion on the matter. I am thrilled that this season's end shot was of Arya heading off to find her Pai Mei and ultimately making her death wish list come true. This season totally went one-eighty for many of the characters and here's to hoping our wait for the next season won't feel too long:

On Food Network Star, mentor Alton Brown brought his Cutthroat Kitchen antics in to test the chefs, complete with bidding money for sabotages(the winner from each team got to keep what cash they had left, just like on CTK) and guest judge Jet Tila from the series.

I was worried about Lenny there, whose food didn't hold up under fire but fortunately, Kenny's uninspired offering was enough to send him home. It didn't help Kenny out that he had no sabotages and yet made such a bland dish. However, Lenny needs to step up his game, as charm will only get you so far in this competition:

As one HBO show ends, another rises and this time will be the last for True Blood as it enters it's seventh season. When we left off last time, Bon Temps was under attack by Hep-V vampires and only by teaming up with the unaffected undead could the townfolk hope to survive.

There's going to be a lot of questions that will need answering before all is said and done, such as will Sookie and Bill ever get back together, have Tara and her mom really mended their fences and is Eric still with us? That last one I'm not alone in wanting to get a response to, that's for sure!

Despite departing quite a long way from the original Charlaine Harris series of novels(she's also finished up with the Sookie Stackhouse saga), this show has a good number of book lovers as well as strictly show watchers who are fully invested in how this all wraps up. I have faith that True Blood will close their final chapter well and just remember, when it comes to vampire shows, seven is a lucky number(just ask Buffy):


UNDER THE DOME: We're a week away from season two and yes, I am excited to see what happens next. Things were a tad uneven when the show began last summer yet it never lost my interest and with Stephen King himself on board for the first episode, this should be a great ride to go on again:


Thaddeus said...

I watched this last GoT with my friends and enjoyed it greatly! Maybe I will start watching all these other shows you follow, if i can find enough time.

Btw, you publish stories, don't you? Would you mind emailing me through the address in the third paragraph of my blog's About page? I could use some advice!

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Sure, no problem-you'll hear from me soon!