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Monday, July 28, 2014

Is the new look for Wonder Woman a sign of better things to come from DC?

Tons of pop culture flowed forth from San Diego Comic Con this past weekend but the biggest surprise of all was the reveal of the design created for Wonder Woman in her upcoming major motion picture debut in Superman Vs. Batman: Dawn of Justice.

Now, I know full well that a good costume alone does not a good performance make(or a good movie for that matter) but this sharp warrior woman tone given to our beloved Amazon Princess here truly gives me hope. While the color palette is not as bright as we're used to seeing for WW, this more Greco-Roman look fits the character perfectly and the sword is a nice touch.

 I'm not familiar with Gal Godot's acting abilities(she was in three of the Fast & Furious flicks, along with small parts in 2010's Date Night and Knight & Day) but am willing to give her a chance here. After all, superhero roles are best done by actors who are not enormous movie stars to begin with and Godot certainly has quite the formidable face on in this poster. We won't know until the movie comes out in 2016 yet I think it's safe to say that this may be a real turning point for DC Comics on the big screen and perhaps for the better:

It's no secret that Marvel has dominated the silver screen and that if not for the last Batman trilogy, DC wouldn't have much of a cinematic imprint these days.

 Man of Steel did well enough to launch the current upcoming team-up movie but the gang at DC still has a lot of work to do just to keep up with the Spidermans and Avengers in the neighborhood.

DC's best adaptations of late have been on TV, with the success of Smallville making out a path for a show like Arrow to follow. Taking a more grounded approach to the comic book source material, Arrow has a strong following amongst old fans and new, plus in addition to it's third season on the way(I so need to finish watching Season One!), a spin-off will soon be joining it's ranks. Unlike the previous attempt to bring The Flash to life on his own, this new series avoids camp like the plaque and promises to be a rising star on the CW horizon:

That's not the only network where a DC Comics presence will be felt. On Fox this fall, a prequel series for Batman called Gotham is slated to roll out and it does look intriguing.

The show centers on a young James Gordon, the future police commissioner, who is just a new detective assigned to investigate the murders of Thomas and Martha Wayne(and yes, a young Bruce is here as well) in addition to getting a handle on the mob bosses waging their own private war for control of the city.

New characters,such as mobsteress Fish Mooney(played by Jada Pinket Smith), will be along side well known Gotham folk in their earlier incarnations and that includes The Penguin(who will be working for Fish), The Riddler and Cat Woman. We'll also be seeing characters that were created for Batman: The Animated Series(hello, Officer Montoya!) and comic book stalwarts like Harvey Bullock as well.

 To some, this may be "Batman without Batman" but not really, in my opinion. Origin stories are the bread and butter of the comic book world, as newcomers to the fold need to be introduced to the mythos in fresh new ways. I intend to visit Gotham when it premieres on September 22 and hopefully, it'll be worth a good long stay:

I really do want this crop of DC adaptations to do well,especially Wonder Woman, because as much as I like the Marvelverse, seeing a Justice League movie some day is a pop culture goal that many of us are striving for and I would like it to be a good film to boot. Don't let us down,DC Comics, this could be your time to shine, so as Ru Paul might say, don't f**k it up!:

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