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Thursday, July 24, 2014

True Blood parties on,Food Network Star puts on a show and Big Jim is in trouble again Under The Dome

With the few last episodes of True Blood being pretty solemn, it's only understandable that the gang at Bon Temps would want to shake those sorrows off with a good old fashioned house party.

Granted, drama still crashed the festivities in both good ways(Andy proposing to Holly,nice!) to bad(Willa getting stabbed by a desperate for vampire blood Lettie Mae) to potentially dangerous (Jessica having revenge sex with Jason and his hyper maintenance girl friend Violet's seemingly calm reaction. That's not going to end well at all).

The best part didn't even happen at Sookie's, as Eric and Pam figured out where Sarah Newlin would be that evening(a political fund raiser to beg her parents for help). The Yazuka broke in during the rally and ran into Eric just as he had Sarah in his clutches, which caused  Eric to spare her for a moment as one of the hitmen had killed a lady friend of his in the past. I do wish he had disposed of Sarah first but it still was an awesomely awful moment there.

The misery isn't over yet, as Bill found out that he has an active strain of the Hep V virus and next time on True Blood, things are looking dire for Eric and Pam as well:

A team challenge was given to the culinary contenders on Food Network Star  this week, after each person had a chance to enjoy a one of a kind dining experience in Vegas.

The challenge was to make a four course meal that had a theme and a special presentation added in during service. Emma and Sarah were team captains, due to their being on the bottom last time, and Sarah's group did well enough to not only redeem her but head to New York for the final stage of the game.

Emma,however, gave the judges a lackluster experience despite having Lenny and Loreal on her team. It seemed to be that Emma's theme of "food of the gods" didn't click with them and that was clearly reflected in both the food on the plate and the intros to each dish. Lenny, I'm rooting for you yet you have to be more flexible as time goes on in order to win! Next week, they all have to go through the Racheal Ray gauntlet(it's become a tradition on FNS) and Lenny should do well here:

Oh, Big Jim, I knew you couldn't be a good guy for long. On Under The Dome this week, he and new hench woman Rebecca had plans to get the local population down to a minimum in order to keep what resources are left by spreading a homemade virus.

To be fair, Rebecca did the initial dirty work on her own accord but it wasn't hard to convince Big Jim to get on board with the program. Fortunately, Julia was on the case and had the two of them hauled off to jail before any major damage was done. Still, I have the feeling that all too soon, the notion of "thinning the herd' may start to sound good to a lot of the town folk and that Big Jim will find a way to work that to his advantage:


TOP CHEF DUELS: Arriving this August, past competitors will have one on one battles in the kitchen to see who is truly the best. For fans of TC, this is a summer TV treat to savor:

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