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Thursday, June 30, 2005

30 Days-F/X has some pretty wild stuff

So I finally watched Morgan Spurlock's new show 30 Days last night(being meaning to from show one but kept missing it)and it was rather interesting. It was the Muslim show,where All-American Dave from West VA,goes to Dearborn,Michgan to live life as a Muslim. The guy did give it a fair shot-the biggest hurdle was the traditional prayer given five times a day but he made the extra effort to learn some Arabic and find out more about Islamic beliefs. Also liked Spurlock's man in the street interviews about people's preconceptions about Muslims.

I'm not a big fan of Supersize Me(sorry,but not shocked about the fact that too much fried,greasy food can make you sick and corporations are out to protect their interests)but Spurlock is a damn likable fella and does make some good points about things,so he's okay in my book. Only F/X would have his show on-alot of the original programs are more raise-the-bar than regular network fare,if you ask me. Caught the first episode of Rescue Me,where Dennis Leary's fireman character gets so mad at a vendor selling 9/11 cookies that he trashes the stand and gets literally pissed off at the cookies. Now,that's something you won't see on Desperate Housewives(an over-rated show,IMO)! I don't watch F/X on a regular basis but when I do catch a show like Nip/Tuck(with the creepy serial slasher storyline) or The Shield(missed the Glenn Close season),it does grab your attention and pins you to the wall.

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