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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Quill Awards cause quivers in the book world

Well,Matea Gold's write-up on the Quills is now online(conviently linked for your perusal)and it's
a pretty good article on the whole shebang. The ceremony will be on tonight at 7:oo,in the NY area
and should be on elsewhere-check your local listings,folks!

I got one qoute in and yes,the blog is mentioned(Thank You,Ms. Gold)by name. Hopefully,I get
some more readers and the Quills will garner enough interest to continue. The key to that(for
The Quills)is marketing. Publishers Weekly had alot of ads and articles about it but in someways,
that's preaching to the converted. In my opinion,a good write-up in Entertainment Weekly would
have increased the number of people voting after the nominees were announced. I set up a Quills
display in my store(as did many chain and indies)with promotional flyers but more of a push will
be necessary to keep the momentum up.

Since many genres are highlighted,advertising should also be placed in the speciality magazines and websites. The Quills are off to a good start but it's never too early to plan for next year.


Jake McCafferty said...

Wow, big media mention. Good for you!

lady t said...

Thanks,Jake-at the very least,I hope to get some more readers for the blog.
I did watch the Quills but my only complaint with it is that they treated it more like a special than an awards show-"here's an award for Best Fiction,now's let's talk to some kids about Harry Potter!"