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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Want to see something really scary?

I went browsing thru some movie sites and found one of the freakiest film trailers that I've seen in quite a while for a movie called Silent Hill that's due out in April. Silent Hill's plot has to do with a mom with a sickly daughter who becomes stranded in an abandoned town that spreads soot into the air on a daily basis(something about underground fires was mentioned)and is also occupied by mysterious evil forces. Alice Krige is in the film as well and that lady's creepy enough on her own(Some might remember her best from Stephen King's Sleepwalkers and others as the Borg Queen from Star Trek:First Contact)without the eerie fog,empty streets and disappearing/reappearing girl who resembles the missing daugther(yep,she vanishes from the car so that her mom can go look for her and thus advance the story).

The trailer is very suspenseful and chockful of ominous visuals-I was surpised to find out that it's based on a video game(it reminded me more of The Others with Nicole Kidman) but apparently Roger Avery worked on the screenplay so there's hope that this might be the one film that redeems that whole genre. Check out the trailer and the eye catching current poster(the studio's holding a poster contest with your choice of designs)at the title link above and see for yourself if Silent Hill will be something to talk about.

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