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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Katrina awakens some real trouble on Sleepy Hollow, Agent Carter at the end of her rope and Downton Abbey's change of players

We're doing our TV Thursday coverage a day early,folks(due to tomorrow's blog tour review for The Secret of Pembrooke Park) but there's plenty to talk about, indeed.

For those of you fed up with Katrina on Sleepy Hollow, her latest plot line should be seen as some sort of improvement from the norm. She decided to team up with Henry and revive their old coven(using a bell to awaken descendants with witch ability) to take over Sleepy Hollow and then the world. Not a bad plan but then things got really interesting.

Due to his status as Horseman of War being null and void, Henry was able to die via a gunshot to the heart that took him out for good(for now,at least). Katrina was so heartbroken over this that her anger turned against Ichabod,causing her to cast a time travel spell to undo what she had done in order to make him a Witness in the first place.

Abbie went along for the ride,inadvertently, and  hopefully she can put things right for the finale next week. Her task won't be easy, that's for sure!I don't know if this means Katrina will be written out of the show for good(or for a little while) but at least her character is doing something proactive here.

Granted, her choices are not the best ones yet we do need a new Big Bad on the block and she might very well fit the bill here. At any rate, I do think we can all agree that keeping Abbie and Crane together is priority one for this series and if it takes ditching the witch to pull it off, so much the better:

The series run for Agent Carter is nearly at it's conclusion and there is quite a bit going on, as the forces of Leviathan are drawing closer and now have their hands on one of Stark's weapons. Peggy is finally being listened to, yet at a great cost(fare thee well, Chief Dooley) and perhaps not too late.

As much as I am looking forward to the return of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. in March, this show has become a real must-watch for me and many others as well. Hayley Atwell ought to have some sort of star vehicle to showcase her talents after this or at least a major motion picture(pay attention,Hollywood!).

 It's a shame that we may not get any more good old fashioned fun and excitement like this on prime time for some time to come. From the action sequences to the humor to the shades of sexism that are as daunting to Peggy as any bad guy's evil plan, this series is one of the best of the year and for the remainder of Marvel's TV time, be a hard act to follow:

Edith's departure from Downton Abbey was short lived, as her mother was informed about Marigold and whipped up a hasty scheme to bring both daughter and grandchild back into the fold.

Sadly, it did help that Lord Grantham was distracted by the news of his beloved dog Isis being on her last legs. While no one likes having a dearly loved pet having to leave this earth, it's also pretty pathetic that Edith actually has to compete with a dog for some real attention there.

On the bright side, I'm glad that Isobel said yes to Lord Morton's marriage proposal yet sorry that her future step sons are complete jackasses with no finesse whatsoever(do hope that Branson punches one of them out by the end of the season!).

I will have to skip Downton this Sunday for the Oscars but have no doubt that there will be plenty of drama to catch up on later in the week. I'm sure Countess Violet would understand(and possibly give Mary more of a scolding about her casual cruelty towards her sister than she did this time around):


WOLF HALL: April appears to be a busy month for mini-series, as this adaptation of Hillary Mantel's award winning novels about the reign of Henry the Eighth thru the eyes of his adviser Thomas Cromwell is due in the US by then. Joining the likes of Outlander and Game of Thrones on weekends, this historical slice of fiction promises to be sinister sweet icing indeed:

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