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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Don't let this movie Slither away!

Little Sister and I checked out Slither over the weekend(which has sadly fallen out of the Top Ten Box Office list already),which is a fun little flick for those of you who can appreciate a good,goofy gross-out love story. Elizabeth Banks(The Baxter) stars as Starla,the local high school teacher married to the much older Grant Grant(that's not a typo,folks,really and truly)played by Michael Rooker. Grant becomes the host for a slimy alien lifeform who literally devours worlds but has never experienced love before. When Grant's feeding frenzies get out of control,it's up to the newly appointed police chief(Nathan Fillion) who still holds a torch for Starla,to lead the troops into battlemode.

Most of this is played for laughs but not in a way that negates the gruesomeness of the situation. One of the most interesting scenes has a young teenager being attacked by one of the space slugs let loose during the hunt for Grant having a mind meld with the alien host which gives her knowledge that helps to figure out how to save Starla from her mutanted husband's clutches. There's many great supporting characters(poor Jenna Fischer-she seems destined to play receptionists)who look as local as local gets. The best one is the mayor(Gregg Henry),who gets such fun moments as complaining about the lack of Mr. Phibb to drink while fleeing a slug invasion and such bon mots as "Martian"'s a general term for space fucker!"

It's good to see an old school space monster movie again after all these J-Horror PG-13 remakes and slice n' dice flicks like Hostel. Not to mention that you'll never listen to"You're Every Woman in the world(To Me)" the same way you did before. If it's still playing at a theater near you,try to catch it. Just don't eat anything with noodles that day-you're better off with some pizza,believe you me.

We sat thru quite a few trailers-X Men:The Last Stand(I still think of it as X3)and these charmers:

Too Fast,Too Furious:Toyko Drift-a sequel so bad that even Paul Walker refuses to be in it. "Sorry guys but my rent's paid up for awhile. Besides,I got that meeting about Timeline 2:Back to the Ice Age-we might even get that cartoon squirrel to make a cameo!"

Waist Deep-Tyrese gets out of jail and has to go back to his criminal ways to gather up enough do-re-mi to save his kidnapped son. I agree with Little Sister that it pretty much looks like a hip hop version of Ransom. Definately a catch-it-on-cable movie.

You,Me and Dupree-Matt Dillion marries Kate Hudson and they both wind up with Owen Wilson as the houseguest from hell. This big budget take on "The Thing That Wouldn't Leave" is a clear frontrunner for the title of Worst Thing To Hit The Screen Since White Girls,complete with bathroom odor jokes that actually make you gag. Silent Hill seems like a fun family movie compared to this fresh slice of cinematic torture.

Have a good time at the multiplex with Slither,if you can still find it,and if you're shown any of these trailers,close your eyes and just wait'em out. You've been forewarned which makes you forearmed,as they say.

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