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Monday, April 03, 2006

A Medley of Monday morning delights

Ok,another week and another pile of pop culture clutter to sort thru,so let's get started,shall we? First up,several movie studios have announced that they will be selling downloadable films directly to the public thru certain websites such as Movielink and CinemaNow. One catch-these movies can only be watched on a computer. You can burn them onto a DVD for backup purposes but you won't be able to play it on a DVD player due to the encoding. Some folks may not mind that but it could be quite the stumbling block saleswise,not to mention that at some point,a Crafty Cathy might find a way to solve that little probelm of non DVD player usage. Good luck,gang-you're gonna need it!

Ice Age:The Meltdown made $70 million at the box office this weekend while the sad Sharon Stone sequel,Basic Instinct 2:Risk Addiction(sounds like a direct to video Shannon Tweed title,doesn't it?) tied for the number ten spot with Larry The Cable Guy:Health Inspector. You know your movie's dead in the water if it has to fight for space with a Larry The Cable Guy movie. Atleast Slither made it to eighth place,which is a shame-that movie looks totally kickass and with Nathan Fillion in the lead....I think I need my smelling salts*swoons*.

Howard Stern,in his EW interview,complained that not enough of his fans have followed him over to Sirius satellite radio,calling them"cheap bastards". Aw,poor Howard-it's too bad that some of your fans decided to pay their bills instead of doing the March of the Lemmings over to Sirius to make you happy. See,there's this thing about luxury items-there are called luxuries for a reason! I know that it may be a strange concept to you but some people actually have to live on a budget and that may not include satellite radio. You'll just have to make due with 4 million listeners rather than 20. You can do it,buddy!

Scary American Idol news-next week,the Top Eight will have to choose songs by Queen for their performances...why,for the love of all that is sacred and good,WHY?!
Is anyone on the AI staff under the delusion that Constantine's butchering of Bohemian Rapsody last season was acceptable? *sigh* I know that Paris,Mandisa and Chris(or as he's known in my household,Sideburns Stepdad)will do justice to the memory of Freddie Mercury but have to wonder,will anyone pick a song from the Flash Gordon soundtrack?

Well,that's all for now-stay tuned for more merry malarky and hijinks! Oh,and here's a point to ponder: I went to my local video rental over the weekend and noticed that all the copies of Chronicles of Narnia and Memoirs of A Geisha were out but yet,there were quite a few of Peter Jackson's King Kong left on the shelves. What does this mean,if anything? Anyone,anyone,Bueller?


WagerWitch said...

ROFLMAO - My bet is with Chris or Mandisa winning.

Mandisa put Simon in his place and she may just win for the sake of that.

However - Chris is pure talent, passion and just ummmph...

If I were to have passed him on the street - I don't know that I would have looked twice - but something about the way he moves, the way he holds you captive - he's just sexy and sweet - and delicious. He's got charisma.

And he's talented too. But no doubt about Mandisa being probably one of the best singers around today. She's very Aretha Franklin like. And I think those two will be your tops.

Hey - Good writing this last week.

Lady M

lady t said...

Hey,thanks Lady M-glad to have a Constant Reader here at LRG:)

I'm hoping that Chris & Mandisa both make it to the Top Three(along with Paris Bennett,she's the phenom of the bunch) and that Kellie Pickler drops out soon. I don't see what is so great about her or Elliot! Even Simon seems to be under their spell...hmm,witchcraft,it's possible.

I have to admit that Bucky is my underdog choice,mainly because I like to say"BU-cky!". Chris is one sexy beast,I agree on that:D