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Friday, April 14, 2006

HGTV: not just TLC's kid sister

TLC gets alot of viewer love with shows like What Not To Wear,Trading Spaces,Tuckerville and Clean Sweep(Eric,the carpenter,is uberdreamy in my book!) but there's plenty to be said for the Home & Garden network(best known as HGTV),too. They have some shows that are not just rejects from the TLC slushpile but some fun little diversions.

One of my favorites is Sensible Chic-the whole premise of the show is to remake a dull room into a replicia of a high end decorated one for way less money than the "inspiration room"(as it's called). One of the strong points is that SC is short and sweet,with only occasional tiffs between the host,Brooke and the quest designer who oversees the look of the makeover room. Most of the time,the makeover room looks a hell of a lot better than the original. I particularly love the "Sensible Shopper" segments where they have a lady named Mollie who goes out to buy a tough to match item for the room. Mollie is so damn chipper,she's like one of the those 1950's sitcom moms who can solve any crisis with a plate of cookies and a smile.

I also dig Debbie Travis-she has two shows,Painted House and Facelift. She's an English woman with one of the most soothing voices on the planet(both shows are Canadian or atleast,sponsored by a Candian company)who makes doing elaborate paint jobs on walls and major floor designs seem like a stroll in the park. I watch these shows with my mom(Mom's a crafter in her spare time,what little she gets of it)and she always shakes her head during one of Debbie's demonstrations on putting trim on ceiling panels or some other such minuite detailing and says"Too much work!" Mom's more of a get-'er-done type.

Mom's favorite HGTV show is called "That's Clever!"(it used to be called "Crafters from Coast to Coast" but the name was mysteriously changed). The show picks three crafters from different parts of the country to show off and demonstrate the best of what they do. The show's producers seem to be fond of wacky behavior which is encouraged quite abit-I've seen women dress up in tiaras and feather boas to make handbags,men who dance around with their pets while waiting for things to dry or bake in kilns and many people who do that SCTV 3D House of Pancakes impersonation with their creations. Not a dull moment there,folks!

True,they have alot of programs about house fixtures and outdoor designs(which I find not so thrilling) but sometimes you can learn interesting things,like you can actually buy hand blown glass bathroom sinks with diamond studded rims. Maybe it's a new trend,bathroom bling! You gotta have something to match your diamond and platinum mouth grill,after all-no sense in not being in style when you're washing up.

If you're in the mood for some non stressful but practical tv watching,give HGTV a try. It's certainly better than sitting thru Full House reruns or such delightful fare as Date My Mom or the Real Housewives of Orange County. Even if you just need some background noise,HGTV is certainly less toxic than So NoTorious! Trust me on that.



I agree. The cable shows showing "How to" are sometimes a refreshing break from cops and robbers. There must be at least 4 CSI shows,which are essentially all the same. Boring.

lady t said...

Also,all the Law & Order shows(they should just have a L&O channel and be down with it)too-as much as I love SVU,watching too much of that can make you extra league paranoid.