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Friday, April 07, 2006

So,what have we learned today,children?

There's no better day to do a weekly wrap-up than a Friday,I must say(imagine an Ed Grimley voice here)so,let's get started,shall we?

Books:The Dan Brown plagarism case has been decided in favor of the defendant(don't mind me;been watching too many early morning reruns of The Practice lately),which is about as shocking as discovering that rain is wet. The Holy Blood,Holy Grail guys did increase the sales of their book but they may now have to pay court costs just over 1.75 million. Ouch. I'm not a math whiz but that doesn't sound like those boys are going to be giving up their day jobs for awhile.

TV: It's been rough going for some of my reality show favorites-Mandisa is now officially out of the AI running,which is a shame on many levels. I was really hoping to hear her during Queen week but alas,we're stuck with the likes of Katherine McPhee,Kellie Pickler and Elliot Yamin. I'm convinced that some of these people must be using witchcraft or some sort of mojo manipulation-they are incredibly dull yet decent singers who even wow Simon at times! What gives?

The Amazing Race Philimated Dave and Lori,aka The Nerds-there hasn't been a non-elimination leg yet which really would've been great here. I do have a friend who knows Dave and Lori and yes,they're still dating. Apparently,they join up with some buddies and watch the Race at a local bar each week. Good for them,nice to know that real life relationships can hold on,even when the cameras are off.

Smallville and Veronica Mars are starting to heat up-nice to have that "Who killed Felix" thing tied up with a darkly twisted bow(I just know that Woody is behind the bus crash somehow-can feel it in my bones!)and Lana's Kryptonite Crack Whore stint didn't become another FOTW plotline but set up some juicy tidbits for the next few shows. Now that Clark knows that a)Lionel Luthor is in on his secret(great Jonathan Kent scene,btw) and b)that Professor Fine is still lurking about,we should be in for some interesting developments.

It does look as if South Park will really have a part 2 to this week's "Family Guy" episode-I saw a promo for it on Comedy Central last night. Matt and Trey have fooled their audiences before with the Cartman's father episode but I think they've learned from that experience so some of us will just have to switch between that and the season finale of Black.White(Bruno is Cartman's real father,I'm convinced of that!).

Movies:Not much out this week-Beachwarmers looks like another classic of hodgepodge creativity. Add some Bad News Bears,throw in some Revenge of the Nerds characters and toss in a pinch of Napoleon Dynamite,better yet just have that kid from ND in a lead part! Is it just me or Jon Heder have Shaun Cassidy hair now?

Phat Girlz might actually be good,despite the title. Monique is a cool comedian(check out her act in Queens of Comedy)and the commericals for the film are still funny after several viewings. Sounds better than sitting thru Lucky Number Slevin to me. The title alone turns me off-it screams"Look,this is a hip movie,check out the pun!" Yeah,I think I'll pass.

Until next week,folks. Have some fun and don't take any wooden nickels-they give you splinters*cue drum riff*


Jake McCafferty said...

I'm lovin' South Park this season.

lady t said...

Totally-Matt and Tre rule the roost:)