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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Which poster is more Becoming to Jane and other Austen matters

Four posters for the upcoming pseudo-biopic of Jane Austen are being test marketed online. Folks are able to vote for one of them which may very well be the official face of the ad campaign(please click title link above to cast your ballot). The nominees are:

I personally like the first poster;the image of the girls running on the bottom border section is very picturesque. My second choice would be the third one that has Anne Hathaway in a rather JA pose with the Austen qoute,it would make a lovely book cover. Still have major doubts about this movie but it does look like they're made some attempt to have the look of the period. Oh,well,it could be worse. Lindsey Lohan and Toby Keith could be starring in this flick instead.

Over in jolly old England,two TV movie remakes of Jane Austen films will be featured this winter-Northanger Abbey and Persuasion. Northanger Abbey will be using the long anticpated Andrew Davies script(he penned the Colin Firth version of P&P and most recently,Bleak House with Gillian Anderson). Any new version of NA will be an improvement;the only one made so far was a 1986 BBC film that had the styling of a Hammer horror movie,with bizarre gothic daydreams given to Catherine Morland and eerie theme music:

Persuasion however,will be hard to top. I'm not the only one partial to the 1995 Roger Mitchell film with Amanda Root as Anne Eliot and Ciaran Hinds as Captain Wentworth. One of the best moments I had when I went to Bath was finding the area where Anne reunited with her captain after that wonderful letter:

To wrap this up,let me brag about one of my gifts this Christmas; The 1940 film adaptation of Pride & Prejudice on DVD. It was released in a collection of classic DVDs earlier this year but can be bought separately. While it's not a perfect version of the book by any means(the costumes alone will amaze you with their overdone elegance),it does star Greer Garson and Laurence Olivier as Elizabeth and Darcy and they're certainly worth watching:


Anonymous said...

I'm so excited there will be some new JAs on TV, and that Andrew Davies is adapting! I LOVED Bleak House, and of course the Colin Firth P & P is perfect.

As for the posters, I like #1 & 4.

I don't know if the biopic will be any good, but if it encourages a new generation of young woman to read the books, then I'm all for it.

lady t said...

Those JA movies will probaly be shown in the US by next fall(such is our film embargo)but hopefully worth the wait. With NA being an Andrew Davies script(my JA group met him during our trip to England and he was so cool!),it should be.

Anything that gets folks to read JA is good,I quite agree:)