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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

More holiday gift tips As Seen On TV!

With many of us still knee-deep in the seasonal gift shopping frenzy,it's always a good idea to scout around for that unusual but personally meaningful item for your hard to figure out person on your Nice list. Since the Dwight Schrute bobblehead figure from The Office seems to doing rather well,I wondered if there were any other Tv related goodies(direct replicas of key props used by the characters on the show in question)available for the holidays. Here's what I've found thus far:

The Luke & Laura 25th Anniversary Ring: For the soap opera fan with a big romantic streak,you can get them an official version of General Hospital's favorite couple in jep wedding ring. ABC is selling it thru Sears for about $60,not too bad(please click title link for more info).

The official Ugly Betty "B" necklace,however,costs $172 bucks! Yes,it's handmade and all that but come on now-would Betty herself pay that price? They have other replicas of character jewelry and clothes but most of those are designer labels so you expect to pay some serious moola there. But the "B" necklace(which only has a "gold" finish-for that kind of cash,I would want a caret or two)being more expensive than anything the original character would actually wear is rather ironic.

Mr. Bean's Teddy: I gave this to a good friend of mine years ago and anyone who digs that crazy Rowan Atkinson show should adore this little fella. If you have trouble finding it for sale,there's even a knitting pattern available at knitting-and.com for you to create a homemade version.

Rory Gilmore's "Reading is Sexy" T Shirt: While there are plenty of tees with GG logos and Luke's Diner mugs,this top was actually worn by the character so it's way cooler to wear(not to mention that it's a very true statement as well). It's available at the Gilmore Girls Shop online for less than twenty dollars,nice! Not that I'm all about the cheap but hey,you do have to budget your holiday spending there,otherwise you do something crazy like buying a diamond studded pony for your friend who always wanted a pony and then you're eating stale cereal for three weeks in the dark,wrapped up in sweaters because you didn't have enough money for the light bill or to buy food or...whoa,save me from this attack of Lorelai tongue,somebody please!

Buffy The Vampire Slayer's Mr. Pointy: Technically,it was Kendra's stake first but she did pass it on to Buffy before Drusilla took her down for the count,so...please ignore my geek rambling there and just wonder at the fan love that makes a item like this worth about $75. The stake is only available as a pre-order from Diamond Select Toys(they expect to have it in stock by December 28)but that's much sooner than the Mr. Gordo stuffed pig($40,due in February)or the Urn of Osirus that revived Buffy from the grave in Season Six($90,late January-don't know if you can offer them a Backstreet Boys lunchbox to get a discount). It does look cool and why is it that there are much more BTVS items now than when the show was on the air? Guess Whedonites are the new Trekkies(that includes me,too,people!).

This concludes our TVHSN programming for the day-please stay tuned for more pop culture ponderings and other fun holiday ideas.


Pop Culture Diva said...

You kill me. Where do you find these things? I'd get the Betty necklace but not for $172. That's overpriced.

lady t said...

Google turns up some interesting things at times. I would love the Betty necklace,too but there are a couple of websites that show you how to make your own version of it. Also learned that the UB necklace is based on one worn by Anne Boleyn. A good factoid to remember for watching Jeopardy:)