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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Heroes,Super Bowl commericials and Top Design has a playdate

This week's Top Design began with a revelation from John,who told the group that he's been testy due to a testosterone shot given to him by his doctor. Seems that John is HIV positive(has been for 13 years)and got the injection before coming on the show to keep his energy up. All of this contributed to his earlier beef with Michael and while he wasn't apologizing for that,he didn't wish Michael any ill will.

After that,we got down to the next challenge which was to create/design a bedroom for a client based on a written description of the person. It wasn't until the designs were drawn and shopping done for the room that the twist came into play. All of the clients were 10 year old kids. The designers were given alittle more money to help make their rooms more kid friendly,with Goil and Elizabeth getting a $100 more due to their win on the first show.

The winning room was created by Erik,whose client was a big pirate fan. That room was awesome-I call it the Goonies' Lair. Carissa put together a nice outdoorsy room with ropes to climb and Goil put most of the furniture on wheels,which was cool. Erik recieved immunity for the next challenge and impressed the judges quite a bit.

John's room,unfortunately,was only half done at best and his reasons for it turning out the way it did won him the title of "Mayor of Excuses Village" from Jonathan Adler. John wasn't able to get the hardwood floor he wanted and then his carpenter went overbudget so that he couldn't get the lino for the floor either.

John had to go but Michael's room was much worse,in my opinion. He not only put together such a bland space(with an old lady pillow saying"home,sweet home")but his client was an avid reader and he gives her only one bookshelf! A bookshelf that's pratically hitting the ceiling,which would be hard for an adult to reach,let alone a ten year old girl. The judges hated it,saying it looked like something from an "assisted living facility". Actually,I've seen rooms in old age rooms that look a thousand times better than that.

While many of us didn't watch the Super Bowl,most of us checked out the ads. One of the biggest controversies to date came from this Snickers ad,which has two guys in a garage chomping on a candy bar Lady and Tramp Style and then freaking out about it. It's been pulled off the air,due to protests. I don't what to make of this commericial-it's supposed to be funny but it leaves a bitter taste of "You know what homophobia really says about you" on my mental palate. Judge for yourselves,folks:

Carlos Mencia did a couple of spots for Bud Light,one of which was not shown in certain parts of the country. This one is pretty amusing and would easily make a segment of Mind of Mencia:

My favorite is this Snapple ad,which gets right to the point:

On Heroes,we now know who Clare's daddy is(which should halt the Clare/Peter shippers dead in their tracks. Then again,maybe not),Nathan and that Jessica doesn't take to therapy very well:

With Niki's release from prison and Jessica trapping her meeker self inside the mirror ,there is going to be some nasty trouble ahead. Sylar nearly wasted Mrs. Bennett,who is too trusting of strangers. The minute some weird guy even mentioned my teenage daughter,he'd be out the door faster than the speed of light. Peter's lessons with Claude are very instructive,altho I think throwing a guy off the roof is abit much. Not that Peter's first lesson is a barrel of laughs either:

Random Notes:

The Sarah Silverman Program: Silverman's show debuted on Comedy Central last week and if you loved Jesus is Magic,you'll adore this. My sister has instantly become a Sarah Silverman fan and wishes that Cookie Party(a made up TV show featured on the first episode)was real so she could vote for vanilla haystacks as well:

Gilmore Girls: Okay,I haven't been watching the show lately,due to American Idol being on Tuesdays but I have been keeping up with what's been happening,thanks to recaps from TWOP and YouTube. I must say this,Christopher is a jerk. A total jackass whiner baby. Lorelai writes a beautiful character reference for Luke to get visitation rights to see his daughter(Anna is a bitch for treating him like an annoyance-hello,you didn't let the man know he had a kid in the first place!)and Christopher reacts like a jealous teenager.

Here is Lorelai's letter:

And this is Christopher's reaction:

With Christopher not showing up at the hospital to comfort Lorelai and Rory during Richard's surgery,it's only a matter of time before he backs his bags,mark my words.Good riddance to him,I say!

Ugly Betty: Talk about your drama bombs going off left and right! Alexis Meade certainly made a splash at Fashion Week. Poor Daniel,finding your dead brother is not dead AND a woman,plus finding her attractive to boot is quite alot to swallow in one day. Your dad being arrested for murder on top of that is a hell of a kicker:

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