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Friday, February 16, 2007

Pop Culture Tag

I was tagged by Robin Brande to reveal five little known facts about myself. It's a blog game and while I did confess abit on her blog(which is amongst my links,so check it out by all means),I figured that I could share some pop culture related lesser known factoids here as well. So,here for your amusement,are my Five:

1) I like this damn Backstreet Boys video! The song's catchy and I'm a sucker for horror movie monsters,especially the old school ones. Take a look:

Also,I did buy a cassingle of Britney Spears'"Baby,Hit Me One More Time". Yes, it was for me.

2) I have a small collection of popcorn bags. The kind that are mini movie posters. I've eaten the popcorn and saved the bag. Some of ones I have are:The Relic,Titanic(with the original summer release date on it),Beavis and Butthead:The Movie and Little Women(Winona Ryder version). Recently,I used a Superman Returns bag to make a small college that's framed. It's the centerpiece of a Superman display in my room.

3)There's a huge Vanity Fair movie poster,signed by Reese Witherspoon,over my dresser.I entered a VM film related contest,hoping to get the Grand Prize of a trip for two to England. Instead,several months later(long after I forgot all about the contest),I recieved this in the mail. Since I like Reese,I just hung up it up on the wall.

Then,I read Kevin Smith's Silent Bob Speaks,where he mentions that he despises Reese(she was rude to one of his friends)and that he refers to her as "Greasey Reesey". For some reason,I've had an irrational fear of Kevin Smith coming to my house and discovering that poster. The odds on that are as good as my finding a pot of gold on my doorstep but still....

4) I own DVD sets that I've either never watched or only half seen. For example,I have a collection of Ed Wood movies and have only watched two of them(Bride of the Monster and Plan 9). I also have the second half of the Forsyte Saga,unviewed and a set of Indy Jones flicks in the same status. I have seen all three of the Indiana Jones films before but have never cracked open one of the DVDs since I bought the set. Also have a few movies on DVD that have never been viewed,like Ripley's Game and Love Actually(which is really shocking due to the fact that Colin Firth is in LA and I love me some Firth in the worst way!).

5) I once showed an author a bad drawing I made in one of his books. I have this habit of always putting my full name and the date I bought/recieved a book on the front inside cover(I don't do this for ARCs). Occasionally,I've added a little sketch along with this(all my Harry Potter books have one)and when I met Christopher Golden at Horrorfind and asked him to sign my copy of Pretty Maids All in a Row,he saw my attempt at drawing Freyja's Strand(a magic necklace that Drusilla wants in the story).

He was cool about it,I'll say that for him. Someday,I hope to have James Marsters sign this book as well and I just pray that he doesn't find my artwork too heinous.

So,that's all,folks! Guess I should tag someone else but if anyone wants to volunteer and unlock their vaults,feel free.


Robin Brande said...

That popcorn bag collection is way cool. I never thought about doing that. See? It was worth tagging you.

Pop Culture Diva said...

Very interesting. The popcorn bag would never work for me. I put so much butter on the popcorn, there would be nothing left but a gresy bag.