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Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Amazing Race gets off to a midwinter start,American Idol's Top 24 and a double dose of Kahlan on LOTS

The Amazing Race set off a new season by adding yet another twist to their starting off point. The eleven teams had to use public transportation to get to the airport(no easy task in L.A.)in order to snag the first three spots on the first flight out to Chile a good hour ahead of the rest. Turns out that everyone wound up on the same flight,due to technical troubles on the first plane,so the wind went out of those sails pretty quick.

A couple of the teams have some celebrity status,like Jordan and Jeff who hooked up on Big Brother and Caite Upton,the infamous Miss Teen South Carolina who stammered her way through a geography question during the Miss Teen USA pagent.

However,the really interesting people on TAR are the regular folks that sign up like Jet and Cord(cowboy buddies who are champion bullriders),Jodi and Shannon(grandmother and granddaughter who have done triathlons together) and married couple Dana and Adrian who had a hair raising turn on the first Detour challenge.

The Detour was to cable walk between two buildings and Adrian came close to falling off(fortunately,the security experts on hand were able to reel him back in). Adrian tried twice,but he couldn't get past that hurdle. He and Dana had to wait for Phil to come to them and let them know that this was their last leg. Sad,but at least no one was hurt and they seemed to take the whole thing in stride:

Hollywood week finally ended on American Idol and the Top 24 have been chosen. It really felt like they just dragged this out for all it was worth and maybe I'm wrong about this but AI used to wrap this part of the show much quicker in the past.

It's great to see the smiling faces of those who made the cut and my best wishes to them,however the misery of those told "no,sorry,not this time" is hard to bear. A word of advice to people who may find themselves in this situation next year-it's completely understandable that your emotions may get the best of you when faced with such a huge disappointment but try to hold back from begging for a second chance. The cameras are ruthless when it comes to sharing your pain with millions of viewers and the last thing you want to leave them with is fuel for the fire:

On the latest episode of Legend of the Seeker, Kahlan was literally torn in two as a transportation spell combined with an amulet caused her to divide into separate physical beings-one all emo girl,the other pure Confessor.

It reminded of a Buffy episode from Season Five where the same thing happened to Xander,only he wasn't the intended target. The division spell was meant for Buffy,separating her Slayer self from her more vulnerable mortal side in order to kill her. Part of me always wondered what a total Slayer doppelganger of Buffy would be like and some of that was answered as we saw All Confessor Kahlan in action. Get out of her chair,indeed!:

The new episode coming up this weekend is Cara centered,as the mighty Mord Sith takes an unexpected trip into the underworld and must accept the bargain of Darken Rahl and the Keeper to return to earth as a Baneling(a living dead person who must kill others to stay out of the netherworld). Something tells me that becoming a one woman killing machine isn't going to be that much of a hard transition for her:


THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: This first season is being stretched longer than chewing gum left on a bedpost overnight,as we have another long hiatus to wait through before a new episode. March 25 is not that far off,I know,but you can only watch reruns for so long there,seriously:

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