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Friday, February 05, 2010

Have a Superbowl singalong this weekend!

Once again,this weekend's center of the TV universe will be the Superbowl,with plenty of counter programming available for those of us who are not interested in the outcome of the game whatsoever. While I count myself amongst the disinclined,appreciation of the passion given to sports does have a few pop culture connections attached to it.

With that in mind,here are a few suggestions for some great songs for both football fans and their supporters to tap their toes to during the game and/or the parties that will commerce no matter what the weather or the setting. These tunes will sound just fine whether they're played in your rec room or the parking lot:

WE WILL ROCK YOU:The delicious irony of this and "We are the Champions" becoming classic stadium sports songs,coming from Queen who many might consider an unlikely source for an All American rallying song is too rich to pass up. Not only has it been chanted for numerous teams in a variety of sports,it's even become a favorite go-to number for commercials as well:

YOU'RE THE BEST AROUND:Yes, this is from The Karate Kid,but the fight for victory theme here suits just about any sport. Not to mention this song is perfect for blasting when your team is in lead there or going thru a rough play on the field/arena,etc(I don't know sports terminology that well,folks-give me a break on this one,okay?):

EYE OF THE TIGER: It's a boxing movie song,true,but that's one of the few sports I enjoy every now and then. There's a brutal elegance to the bouts,plus it's not too bogged down in excessive rules. Also,this was a Best Song nominee at the Oscars that year(sung by the Four Tops during the Academy Awards show,believe it or not). Eye of the Tiger is one of the more memorable songs associated with the Rocky movies,which includes the theme music and "Living in America",not a small honor there:

ZOMBIE NATION:According to my sources,this techno tune has taken over sports arenas big time lately and I can see(or rather,hear)why. It was first introduced to music lovers via the Shaun of the Dead soundtrack and remixed for nightclubs and football games. Not big on lyrics with this one,but then again this is a tribute to the living dead,who are not known for their chattiness:

SINGLE LADIES(PUT A RING ON IT):"What,are you kidding me,Lady T?" No,folks,I'm serious on this one. A Beyonce song may seem about as suitable to football as a Metallica tune would be to a Saturday morning kid's show,however one thing Mrs. Sasha Fierce can do well is put together something with a beat that you can dance to and fancy footwork is the name of the game both on the dance floor and the twenty yard line.

If you are still not convinced,just ask the gang at Glee and they'll do some show and tell for you. In the meantime,have fun watching the Superbowl,football fans and hope your team wins or at least gives you a good game to get down to:

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Ladytink_534 said...

I can't stand sports of any kind but I love the movies like Remember the Titans, etc. Great music pics!