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Monday, September 10, 2012

Filling in the Fantasyland seats at the Movie Trailer Park

Now that September is here,a slew of serious minded movies are heading out to the theaters in hopes of gaining some serious money from mature audiences,not to mention a nomination or two come awards season.

Granted,the kids may be back in school but that doesn't mean the kid in all of us can't have some fantasy flavored fun at the multiplex. Here's a handful of upcoming flights of film fantasy both this fall and early into next year:

The end of this month brings us Looper,starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a hitman who uses the time travel technology provided by his mob bosses to kill targeted folks from the future when they are shipped back to the past.

He strays from his course of execution when his latest target is his older self(Bruce Willis),who manages to escape his younger yet determined to kill him counterpart. With his bosses pursuing him until the job is done and the future version of himself on the loose,our unlikely hero has quite the life choices to make. This may sound convoluted but my storyteller sense is tingling in the positive on this one:

For a more kid friendly treat,Tim Burton will be bringing us Frankenweenie,an expanded version of his 1984 short film. The plot is pretty much the same,with young Victor reviving his beloved deceased dog Sparky which causes an uproar in his small town. However,the mayhem is increased when the other kids want Victor to bring their former pets back from the beyond as well.

The cast of voice actors here includes such Burton alums as Martin Landau,Catherine O'Hara and Winona Ryder,plus a special vocal cameo by Christopher Lee. The film will be released in early October,setting the perfect mood for a happy Halloween indeed:

Slightly more older audiences will be looking forward to the final chapter in the Twilight saga,Breaking Dawn-Part Two. With Bella now a full fledged vampire who is adjusting well to her new lifestyle and the tensions between Jacob and Edward somewhat resolved,the new additions to the Cullen family seem to be in harmony.

Unfortunately,some intentional miscommunication causes the Volturi to rise up in force to stamp them out. In order to protect what they have,Edward and his family search for other vampire clans to support their right to exist. Even Bella has to prepare herself for an all-out war,especially with her daughter's life at stake.

Despite the recent Kristen Stewart scandal(in which I think Robert Pattinson acted like a gentleman by not displaying any of their dirty laundry in public,even with the multiple media opportunities given to him) devoted fans will want to see the characters in this supernatural story take their last bows onscreen this November:

After the big holiday season,our wait for another fantasy flick won't be long as Hansel and Gretel:Witch Hunters hits the cineplex in January of 2013. Jeremy Renner and Gemma Arterton star as the title siblings who have taken up witch removal as their profession.

This pair of eager executioners find themselves in a sinister situation as a powerful sorceress(Famke Janssen)is rounding up a large number of kids to sacrifice in a ceremony that will grant her coven enough power to defeat them. Also,the local authorities are far from willing to lend them any support,suspecting the brother and sister act to be less than human. Granted,it's a pretty campy premise but this still could be a fabulous ride to take indoors this winter:

While many things are uncertain as we head towards the end of this year, the one sure thing that can be counted on is a fresh dose of fantasy fare at the movies. Whether it's from a sci-fi starting point,a revised fairy tale or somewhere over the rainbow,nowadays our cinematic imagination is truly a thing of wonder to behold:

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