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Thursday, October 18, 2012

2 Broke Girls take on Cupcake Wars,double U Turn trouble for a TAR team and a taste of Tattoo Nightmares

Pop culture worlds collide on 2 Broke Girls this week,as Max and Caroline landed themselves an audition for Cupcake Wars,a sweet staple on the Food Network.

While the gals didn't meet any of the actual folks from that series,they were determined to get a spot on it,especially Max who's a fan of the show yet she also didn't want to be your typical cliche spouting contender.

Both of their hopes were high here but those piping bag dreams fell fast when they saw their ultra perky competition:

The girls were even more flustered when the secret ingredient theme was revealed which clearly played more in the other team's ballpark(plus Caroline's culinary skills are sad to behold).

They did wind up making a decent cupcake but naturally didn't wind up on the show. Since I also enjoy watching Cupcake Wars,this media merger was a special sugary slice of sitcom delight. Hopefully they'll do another FN related episode because this one was pretty damn fun and funny to boot:

The latest leg of The Amazing Race kept the teams in Indonesia,where a Double U Turn was lying in wait for them. This not only allowed two teams a chance to delay a couple of others,this was also a "blind" U-turn(meaning that you could tap someone out anonymously).

What really tripped up the team that was eliminated,however,was communication. Caitlin and Brittany wound up being at the back of the pack due to slow cabs and trouble with non-English speaking drivers,which benefited a team that was U Turned into staying in the game. Just a hint,ladies;when you're traveling in a foreign country,it's reasonable to assume that not everyone will speak your language(and shouting doesn't help!). Sorry you had to go but maybe that was for the best:

Spike TV premiered a new show this week called Tattoo Nightmares,where people with unfortunate body art could get it covered up with stellar new designs by one of three tattoo artists:Tommy,Big Gus and Jasmine Rodriquez.

I happen to know Jasmine,as she's a good friend of the family and her work is consistently outstanding. It's really nice to see such a deserving talent get a break like this but that's not the only reason to watch this show.

Each client tells their tale of woe about how they got the original awful tattoo(some reenactment is involved)and the before and after results are amazing. Tattoo Nightmares airs at 11:00 on Tuesdays and I hope it does well-congrats to Jasmine and best of luck!:

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THE NEXT IRON CHEF: This season's theme is redemption,as former contenders return to earn their spot in Kitchen Stadium. Personally,I'm rooting for Alex Guarnschelli,my favorite judge on Chopped and who also does sous chef duty with IC Geoffrey Zakarian.

There hasn't been a lady in the Iron Chef ranks since Cat Cora left and Alex would be a most worthy successor to that standard,indeed:

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