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Thursday, April 25, 2013

A close finish on TAR,GOT's Dany makes a power play and messing around on Mad Men

The teams on The Amazing Race this week landed in Germany,where they had a number of risky tasks to perform,such as taking a high dive off of a hotel roof and exploring a bizarre labyrinth within a nightclub.

However,the real risk came towards the end,as two teams were neck in neck for the Pit Stop. Team Hockey(Anthony and Bates) and Team Roller Derby(Mona and Beth)were practically on top of each other during the last challenge and it was an out and out foot race to reach Phil first.

 The boys made it in just seconds ahead of the ladies,but this was a non elimination leg,lucky for them. Both of these teams have been doing great and playing fair,so it's good to see them both still in the game:

 Cheating themes abound on Mad Men this week,as Don wavered between "tolerating" Megan's sexier scenes on her soap opera as well as fending off the advances of her work colleagues(who are clearly a swinging couple,in every sense of the term) and going behind the back of one Heinz executive to court another.

In the terms of his dealings with Megan,Don wants to have it both ways;supportive spouse and jealous husband,so typical of him. Never mind that he's sleeping with her new best friend a couple of  floors away,Don still has to act like he's in the right about things,regardless of the muddy moral waters he's wading in.

As to the Heinz Ketchup account,it was one of those bold moves that Don made his career on,but this time out,his former student Peggy gave him a real run for the money there.

In both aspects of his life,Don is slowly realizing that his moves are not as slick as they once were. If he's as smart as he thinks he is,it would be wise to learn a few new tricks instead of relying on the regular stand-bys,but we shall see:

Plenty of plot ground was covered on the last episode of Game of Thrones,with Jaime sinking into sorrow over his missing hands,plans for Sansa to marry into House Tyrell being made and Arya hoping that the Hound would receive true justice from the Brotherhood Without Banners.

The major game change came from overseas,as Dany completed her bargain with the trash talking slave trader in Astapor. With the promise of a live dragon as payment,she was given control over an army of eight thousand Unsullied soldiers and not until the last minute,she revealed the true nature of her plan.

Granted,I've read the book(A Storm of Swords)so this wasn't a complete surprise to me yet seeing it unfold in such a spectacular fashion was one of the best thrills on TV that I've seen in a long time. All hail Daenarys Stormborn,a real mother of dragons indeed!:


THE AMERICAN BAKING COMPETITION: The U.S. version of this cooking contest will be arriving in May and while I still think the title needs some work,the show does look like yummy viewing:

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