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Thursday, April 11, 2013

GOT's Sansa speaks up,Chopped All-Stars and Mad Men enters their sixth season doorway

The latest episode of Game of Thrones caught up with a few more supporting players as Bran made a new friend,Arya's secret identity was exposed by The Hound, Jamie and Brienne are still on the move and Theon is undergoing some enhanced interrogation.

But the biggest scene went to Sansa,who was asked for the lowdown on Joffrey by his new intended bride Margery and her grandmother Lady Olenna(who is to this story what the Dowager Countess Violet is to Downton Abbey). At first,Sansa was cautiously polite in her remarks but kindly seeming attentions from the Tyrells caused her to loosen her tongue and tell the truth about him.

Margery and Lady Olenna weren't totally shocked at this and for the moment,the results of that openness for Sansa are yet to be seen. However,it is safe to say that Margery appears to be far more savvy in dealing with difficult men than Sansa but is willing to be generous to those who help her,knowingly or unknowingly there:

Next week,more intrigue abounds as Jon Snow is in danger of losing his place amongst Mance Ryder's wildings and Brienne is in danger of losing her head from Jamie's new captors. No one's scalp is safe for long with this crew but let's hope for the best in Brienne's case:

 Chopped began it's annual All-Stars competition this week,with a set of well known chefs going head to head against each other and the mystery baskets to raise money for their respective charities.

 First up,it was Food Network folks vs. Cooking Channel regulars. Representing FN was Sunny Anderson and Jeff "The Sandwich King" Mauro and for CC,it was Gabriele Corcos(who shares his show Extra Virgin with his wife Debi Mazur)and Nadia G of Bitchin' Kitchen.

 The first round for appetizers had banana bread,mango juice,vegetable terrine and galanghal(which is a spicy cousin of ginger) to work with. Nadia managed to make some tasty croquette balls but one of them bounced right off the plate just as time was up,leaving one of the judges without anything to taste:

Needless to say,that dropped Nadia out of the running. The ultimate winner was Sunny Anderson,who will be going to the finale to try and win 50 grand for her charity of choice. One of her challengers will be from the four pack of "Mega Chefs" up next,that will include Elizabeth Falkner and Top Chef's Richard Blaise. Should be quite the savory showdown indeed!:

Mad Men began their sixth season with many of the main players examining where they are right now,as Peggy is smoothing out her rough edges at her new job,Roger is wondering what his mother's death really means to him and Don is unsure of what his place is in the life he's currently leading.

Yes,Don is back in cheating mode but his whole outlook on the world is becoming more bleaker than he expected or can see(the idea for his latest ad campaign is more darker than he intended to everyone but him,it seems). He appears to be looking for some sort of escape hatch from his present state of reality and if he does find it,hopefully it won't be as permanent as Lane's was last year.

 Betty is also going through a bit of reflection,as she takes an interest in a talented friend of her daughter's who feels frustrated about not being able to go further with her musical skills.

 When the girl takes off to find what's she's looking for in Greenwich Village,Betty goes after her and shows a more maternal side than even she knew was in her before.

 Granted,Betty has enough issues for a lifetime subscription to Psychology Today(those creepy jealous remarks she made to her current husband prior to getting to know the girl in question,for one) but it seems as if she may be ready to turn a crucial corner emotionally,perhaps much sooner than Don is at this junction. Time will tell on that,I suppose:


VEGAS: If you've become a fan of this show and have been wondering when it will return,fear not. Vegas is now on Fridays at 9:00,instead of their previous Thursday at ten spot. All of the episodes are new and I sincerely hope we get a second season because this series has a good amount of sizzle and steak to feed your need for historical crime drama:

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