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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Tuesday is Tunes Day!

I'm not a big league music lover,but I like what I like. Every now and then,I get the urge to hear certain tunes-some of which are current and some that are old school. Here are a few of my selections from my mental jukebox:


Ever since Stephen King mentioned her song "Rehab" in one of his EW columns,I've been onboard the Winehouse band wagon. She may need to go on the wagon herself at some point but she certainly can give a few of our American party girls a run for their money(not to mention hold her liquor much better). Before you get sick of "Rehab",take a good listen to this second single off of her album "Back to Black" first and get solid confirmation of Winehouse's bluesy talent:


Sometimes you stumble across someone who's so strangely invested in their own world yet is completely accessible and damn entertaining to boot. Mika may be the next Beck or Freddie Mercury(his vocal range is similar) but whatever else he is,he's an original unique one-of-a-kind fella:


This song plays over the end credits to "Knocked Up" and Wainwright's new album is used as the soundtrack for the movie. It suits the film perfectly,with it's offbeat charm and heartfelt grace. Even if you haven't seen the movie,anyone can appreciate this funky sweet tribute to Daddy's little girl:


I know this is sappy as hell and yes,most folks remember this song from She's All That(a movie I never saw or wanted to) but it's hard to resist the folky romantic tone here. Some times,a girl just wants a snappy love song to groove to,okay?!:


And now for something completely different! My sister(the music person in my house)has been on abit of a rediscovery kick with Judas Priest. Since my brother was a metalhead in his youth,the two of us gals gained an appreciation for such groups as Iron Maiden,Metallica and of course,Priest. "Breaking the Law" is one of JP's better known tunes that still kicks ass today:


I loved the orginial film version of Hairspray and while I'm not sure about the new musical adaptation of the Broadway one,I have to admit that this opening song is very tempting. Ever since Justin on "Ugly Betty" did his recap of the play for his dad on the subway,I've wanted to check out "Good Morning Baltimore." How can anyone resist something that Justin adores,I ask you?:

Original Broadway cast

Justin struts his stuff


Pop Culture Diva said...

I got the AW CD a few weeks ago and am entralled. I love the campy girl group quality with torchy lyrics. Most original CD I've heard in a while.

lady t said...

Winehouse is amazing;I recently saw the video for the title song"Back To Black" and loved the beautifully bleak despair of it.