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Friday, May 03, 2013

Some rocking road music for Lindsay Lohan's latest on the lam caper

*sigh* It does get tiring at this point to hear about the never ending court room drama with Lindsay Lohan,who was supposed to check into a lock down rehab facility today but decided to simply stop in and not stay for awhile.

She's out and about yet again,trying to shop around for a better bargain,I guess, although I seem to recall she also has a problem with paying for things before she leaves the store. With the constant state of chaos that Lindsay prefers to be in,it's one of those situations that you can either laugh or cry about and I chose to chuckle here.

 Since our dear Lindsay wants to be on the run from the law,she might as well have a few themed musical picks for her soundtrack album. Here's a small sample of what should be playing on her car radio(which is hopefully being driven by someone else):

BREAKING THE LAW: This Judas Priest classic would be a crime to overlook as you head out on the highway to freedom and certainly Lindsay has enough hair to headbang properly to this tune. How familiar she is with heavy metal I'm not sure but certainly many of her fellow inmates know this one by heart:

INVINCIBLE: Pat Benatar's anthem for the 1985 cult movie The Legend of Billie Jean may be well before Lindsay's time but since she still considers herself an actress( although it wouldn't be surprising if they revoked her SAG card after the horror that was Liz and Dick on Lifetime),perhaps she can relate to this troubled teen drama.

While the main characters in this movie are fleeing from the authorities due to a couple of major misunderstandings,their cause was much more just than any of Lohan's flings with the law.

What would really appeal to her here is the title of the song because that is what she thinks she is,apparently, when it comes to any form of incarceration:

BEEN CAUGHT STEALING:  Granted,this Jane Addiction's song is rather obvious but then again,so are most of Lindsay's film performances. Given how flip she's been in court(remember that little fingernail flip off to the judge a while ago?), it's not hard to imagine Lohan humming this song to herself on her way out of the court house:

FREE BIRD: While no one wants to see Lindsay go down in a literal blaze of glory, you do have to admit that The Devil's Rejects showcased this song as an excellent last stand tune.

In fact, it might be good for Lohan to watch this movie,as director Rob Zombie is no stranger to wackiness on set. If she's looking for a real career comeback,RZ would be a great choice. He could be the Tarantino to her Travolta,maybe?

 After all,this is a guy who managed to make the gruesome likes of the Firefly family somewhat sympathetic by the end of this flick and if he can make pop culture referencing murderous maniacs worth cheering for onscreen, the cinematic possibilities for redeeming Lindsay Lohan with both audiences and critics could be endless:

Oh,well,most likely,Lindsay will scrounge up another lawyer to wiggle her way out of another fine mess and rely once again on razzle dazzle to save her from lock-up. It's too bad that she seems to be happy playing the role of celebrity criminal these days(and I consider Charlie Sheen to be the worst sort of social support she can get) and perhaps one of these days,she'll truly decide to straight up and fly right. All I know is that Judge Judy wouldn't put up with any of this nonsense,not even if Lindsay had Billy Flynn himself at her side:

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