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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Sookie vs. Warlow on True Blood,Under The Dome goes on a manhunt and the winner of The American Baking Competition is....

The plot points on True Blood are still making strong connections, as Eric decides to make the Governor's anti-vampire tactics more personal by turning his daughter into one,Bill and Jessica round up Andy's rapidly aging fae daughters for his blood experiments and Sookie catches on to who Ben really is.

You do have to give Sookie credit for forming a pretty decent plan, once she realized that "Ben" was both fairy and vampire, by setting him up for a bit of romance only to truly have the upper hand in dealing with him.

Hopefully, she won't back down from taking him out for good yet she should find out what happened to Niall(who is now trapped in a bad part of the universe) first and try to bring him back. It would be a shame to leave him stranded and a real waste of Rutger Hauer as well.

As for Andy's girls, I do hope that Jessica's feeding frenzy didn't wipe them all out(especially since Daddy was knocking on Bill's door after that biting blitz attack).  Mainly for Andy's sake, since he was really bonding with them rather nicely.

Those attempts to create fae sunscreen for vamps didn't seem to be heading for success anyway, as the scientist Bill captured pointed out how the fairy blood quickly loses it's powers the longer it's outside the host.  Jessica's remorse might spare her and Bill from Andy's wrath but not for long,since he now has access to those high tech vamp weapons. Either way, this is not going to be pretty,folks:

The residents of Chester's Mill were distracted from their plight on Under The Dome this week with the arrest of the panicked deputy  who killed one of his colleagues and later escaped from jail.

Big Jim organized the hunting party to track him down and had Barbie(who he knows fought with crazy Junior) along for the ride, mainly to see how he might fit into Big Jim's future plans.

 The situation was resolved but people need to keep their eye on Big Jim because he may be trying to appear as one of the good guys yet as the old saying goes, appearances are not what they always seem to be. Also, don't underestimate Linda,who is definitely tougher than she looks:

 It was the season finale of The American Baking Competition,with Francine,Darlene and Brian battling it out for the big win. The Signature round insisted on making peanuts the focus of the dish and Darlene and Brian both made roll cakes while Francine whipped up a torte.

Unfortunately,Francine went too heavy on the cream cheese and that overwhelmed the flavor of the filling. She did better with the Technical Challenge that had all of them prepare a batch of Boston cream donuts.

By the time it came down to the Show Stopper, it was anyone's game but Brian had stronger pluses than minuses with his mini desserts and he became the first official winner of TABC. Darlene and Francine did very well and while I do wish one of them took the victory slice, Brian did display his skill set nicely here. So congratulations to Brian and to Darlene and Francine for making this show one to watch:


CHOPPED: The show is now doing an "After Hours" edition online,where the judges tackle the most offbeat of the mystery baskets during each new episode being currently aired. It's fun to see these high profile chefs prove they can put their money where their mouth is(outside of Chopped Champions,that is) as well as add some fun to the flavor profile:

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