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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Warlow's Bill situation on True Blood,sick with secrets Under The Dome and who will recieve Star Salvation on Food Network Star?

 When we last left True Blood, Sookie had Warlow on the ropes with her fairy fireball ready for action. As she held him off, he insisted that his intentions were honorable and that killing her parents was done as a means to protect her from them( that info turned out to be somewhat true,which she later found out during a seance with Lafayette).

However, Bill entered the scene and used the power of Lilith to take control of Warlow,who has no love for his vampire brethren. Seems that Warlow was the one to destroy his Maker back in the day and resents being used to preserve them from extinction. Bill, on the other hand, is happy to have a replacement for Andy's fae daughters(one of whom survived the Jessica slaughter and was rescued by her dad).

Meanwhile, Eric and Tara went to find Pam,who had been captured by the vamp patrols who sent her off to a paranormal prison camp run by the Governor(who also sent his newly turned daughter there).

A lot of vamp folks are reuniting in this place,as Tara came upon a very wired from fae blood Jessica(who walked on a little reunion between Jason and Sarah,the former Mrs. Newlin) and Eric did get to see Pam,however with the pair of them forced into a death match, this isn't going to end well for either one.

If I had to take a wild guess about what's to come on True Blood this season, my major bet would be on Jessica taking down Bill. That flashback to Warlow's past was an indicator of what has to be done to stop Billith,in my opinion, but hopefully not until he does something about that vamp camp there:

 The folks in Chester's Mill were already agitated on Under The Dome when it looked as if the outside world was abandoning them but soon enough, they were distracted from that by an outbreak of meningitis.

 The lack of medical help available had Big Jim recruit newcomer Alice into being the doctor in charge and made Julia question Barbie's background(something she should've done a lot sooner,dome or no dome). She eventually tumbled to the truth regarding her husband's disappearance to Barbie and got him to 'fess up,yet he managed to get away with some half truths there.

 I don't think he's meant to be a bad guy in this version but his story line definitely has some shades of gray in it(and not fifty of them!). At some point, Barbie needs to come clean in full with Julia before she discovers the complete story for herself:

Speaking of coming clean, Big Jim is going to have to have a little talk with Junior now that he's found his dirty little secret in the family fall out shelter. With the place flooding due to a broken pipe,Angie was already up to her ears in trouble but with Big Jim on the scene, her worries may be far from over.

Granted, this show is far from perfect and with some of changes from book to screen a tad questionable, viewers seems to be of two minds about it. While they can't avoid looking at the flaws(someone should've realized Angie was missing by now, even with the ongoing chaos in town),they also can't help tuning right back in.

I have a feeling that whatever Big Jim decides to do about Angie will be a major game changer for the rest of the season,so I am without a doubt going to see what happens next:

In the tradition of Top Chef's Last Chance Kitchen, this season of Food Network Star has been offering "Star Salvation" for eliminated contenders, mini challenges that will earn one of them a chance to get back into the game.

The last round of Star Salvation brought three time winner Lovely to square off against the most recently dismissed contestant Chad. They had to "cook their heart out" by using certain edible hearts such as heart of artichoke, celery and chocolate shaped ones as well.

Both of them did their best and if I had to guess who gets to return to the competition, I'd have to go with Lovely. She's been on a strong streak and while Chad does know his barbecue, her dish seemed to be a touch better than his. We'll see this Sunday the savory results and good luck to whoever receives their second shot at stardom:


THE WHITE QUEEN: The Starz miniseries that adapts Philippa Gregory's set of historical novels about the War of the Roses will begin on August 10 and many viewers will be awaiting as eagerly as the announcement of the new born royal baby(hope it's a girl!):

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