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Monday, May 23, 2016

A frenzy of fall TV trailers hits our start of summertime shores

With so many shows wrapping up this spring, you would think that a leisurely pace for summer television was about to begin.  Instead, the networks are already flooding us with promos and trailers for their upcoming fall shows. Slow down, you're moving too fast there, people!

Well, since the buzz is now out of the bag, we might as well tune in to see if there's anything worth waiting for. Top on my list is the news that Supergirl will be having a second season on the CW network. It only makes sense, since it's being produced by the same team that has The Flash(which gave some crossover props to Supergirl on S1), Arrow and DC's Legends of Tomorrow on the same roster and doing rather well over there.

There is some concern that Calista Flockhart as Cat Grant may not be as prominently featured on season two, due to the show shifting from L.A. to Vancouver for their shooting schedules. Since Cat Grant has become a fan favorite, I do think that they'll find a way to keep her around somehow. The CW is promising that there will be a four part crossover event next season, now that Supergirl is on board, and I'm so thrilled to have the Maiden of Steel get a well deserved second shot:

Sadly, another super gal was grounded as ABC cancelled Agent Carter yet offers us a consultation prize by giving leading lady Hayley Atwell a brand new series called Conviction. Set in modern times, Atwell plays Hayes Morrison, a former first daughter with a bad girl rep who is given an offer she can't refuse.

The choice between going to jail for her latest escapade or using her lawyer skills to lead a new task force devoted to overturning wrongful convictions seems to be an easy one yet not without it's challenges and emotional conflicts.

I may give this a chance, although I feel that Agent Carter really earned another season there. Still, Hayley is a marvelous actress with or without being part of a superhero team and she does need to be seen in more than one type of role. Hopeful, this series will give her more of the spotlight that she deserves:

Meanwhile, the big sci-fi concept for next fall seems to be time travel, with two of the Big Three networks having new shows with that nifty feature in them.

 Perhaps part of the reason for that is due to the success of Starz's Outlander(not to mention DC's Legends of Tomorrow) or maybe someone re-watched Time Cop and thought "hey, why don't we do something like this?" Since both series have time travelers hunting down criminals, that last idea makes way too much sense.

First up, NBC has Timeless, which stars Abigail Breslin as a history professor recruited to lead a team to track down big bad Garcia Flynn(that name just sounds giggleworthy, I swear), who has stolen a time machine and is out to change history for the worst. This might be fun but it does feel a little too eager to please here. With any luck, this could be a fun time had by all but let's wait and see on this one:

ABC,however, is giving us Time After Time, which may prove to be the stronger show. This series,based upon a novel by Karl Alexander, has a solid set-up as H.G. Wells(Freddie Stroma) uses his newly invented time machine to follow former friend John Stevenson(Josh Bowman) into the future.

Turns out, his buddy happens to be notorious serial killer Jack the Ripper who at first is simply out to flee justice but soon finds the twenty first century much to his liking. Wells manages to team up with a modern day woman in order to stop Stevenson's planned murder spree yet there may be more consequences to his time hopping than he realizes.

Time After Time was originally made into a film in 1979,starring Malcolm McDowell, and it has a nice cult movie status without being an overexposed media item. Kevin Williamson is in the producer's seat here and he does know a thing or two about getting fantasy fare to work on the small screen. It might be tricky to expand the story line in order to be more than a one season wonder but then again, I didn't think that Once Upon A Time would last long,so all signs are pointing to "yes" on this series being a hit:

There's more TV trailers of the fall out there but for now, I think that sticking to the summer season ahead of us is best. At the very least, I do have my cooking shows to fall back on for some warm weather relaxation but even that serene pop culture kitchen can heat up quicker than expected:

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