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Thursday, May 05, 2016

Winter and Snow are coming to GOT,secrets and spies on Outlander and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has a deadly Daisy to deal with

Before I get into the big "OMG" moment on Game of Thrones this week, I want to take a quick look at Arya. Her blind beggar status seems to have earned her a reprieve from the bad graces of the Faceless Men and re-admittance back into the House of Black and White for more training.

I hate to get into book spoilers but I need to slightly do so here. In the last GOT book I read, Arya's blinding was part of her initial training although her teacher had doubts about her ability to fully commit to giving up her identity completely. On the show, they seem to be making this part training and part punishment for her past disobedience, which does fit in well with Arya's character growth. Since the series is tweaking things a bit different from the source material, I just hope that they keep Arya on this warrior woman path and allow her some sweet revenge at a future point in the long game:

While the big headline is all about Jon Snow being revived from the dead, let's not forget that Bran Stark is reemerging as a player on the field.

 Being trained in visions from the Three Eyed Raven(having Max Von Syndow on board here is amazing!), particularly in looking into the past lives of his family, Bran may prove to be a truly key figure in how the coming war in the North may be waged.

They're going to need all the help they can get out there, as Ramsey Bolton is becoming even bolder than usual in death dealing these days and even with Jon Snow returning to the land of the living, the Night's Watch is far from being the united front they promised to be.

As not surprised as I am that Jon Snow is back, I just hope that he truly becomes the hero that we all want him to be, especially with Westeros falling apart at the seams there:

Things are much trickier on Outlander this season than the last, as Claire and Jamie must use a very different set of skills in order to achieve their goal of preventing the destined to fail Scottish uprising.

Being placed in high society, playing the social games of French society in those pre-Revolutionary times requires a bit of patience and restraint, something that neither Claire or Jamie are complete masters of. Yet, they are making the right sort of friends,such as Louise de Rohan, whose royal connections are vast indeed, but also gaining them the wrong sort of enemy like the Comte St. Germain, who still holds a grudge about his ship's cargo being destroyed due to Claire warning the authorities about the plague on board.

Claire manages to find unique allies everywhere she goes, as her hospital volunteer work gains her an insightful nun and a mysterious healer who are aiding her(a bit unknowingly) in her quest.

Jamie is not bad at diplomacy either, particularly when he has to broker deals in brothels with Bonny Prince Charlie, not to mention find a young helper named Fergus to run a few spy errands for him. So far, so good but history does seem to find a way to go the way it wants to, which makes the Fraser's mission all the more harder:

As Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D gets closer to their seasonal finish line, the plot points are growing even tighter as it's clear that prying Daisy away from the clutches of Hive could prove to be impossible and/or lethal to all concerned.

With Daisy being more than willing to go the dark distance with her devotion to Hive's agenda, seeing her hesitate to fully take down her former allies at Shield gives me hope that she will find a way to stop this ultimate Big Bad herself. However, that struggle is going to need a bit of an assist there and I suspect that Coulson may have a few ideas about how to offer that help that he's not sharing with the others at the moment.

Daisy's vision of some near to her dying soon(a remnant from contact with a psychic Inhuman) is probably going to come true but I have the feeling that it might not be one of her friends that bites the dust but we shall see soon, I'm sure:


 RIP,DORIS ROBERTS: With Mother's Day coming up this weekend, I wanted to pay tribute to one of best known modern day TV moms,Marie Barone,played by the talented Doris Roberts who recently passed away.

Roberts won five Emmy awards, three of which were for her role as the passionately passive-aggressive matriarch who insisted that all of her meddling was due to "love and only love!" Roberts was an accomplished stage actress before taking her turn on television and in film, giving all of that artistic knowledge to her role that added layers of depth to what could have easily become a one note character.

I've only watched Everybody Loves Raymond in syndication but it has grown on me and while I wouldn't wish a mother-in-law like Marie on anyone, she did have good intentions towards her daughter-in-law Debra even if she showed it in a very Bizzaro way. In some ways, they were more like mother and daughter than in-laws,making that twisted love the heart of the series:

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