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Monday, January 16, 2006

Another Manic Monday

Ok,quite a few things to focus on this week,so here's what you can look forward to
on the entertainment front:

Oprah's new Book Club selection will be announced today-she usually does her BC section
near the end of the show but I'll be doing alot of channel flipping nonetheless at the
four o'clock hour. She's already made statements supporting James Frey but that doesn't
mean she won't mention it before the Big Announcement! Hopefully,whatever book she puts
her label on this time is good and readable.

Tonight,the Golden Globes will be presented on NBC,with plenty of glitz,glam and celebrity hangers-on blather. Things to watch for:bad fashion choices(I miss the Bob
Mackie days-Cher in her Moonstruck Oscar outfit was his masterpiece),celebs pushing
current and upcoming projects,overdone praise for Brokeback Mountain(I love the movie
but it's getting a serious case of OverHypetitis)and drunken speechmaking(my favorite).

New episodes of Veronica Mars will start on January 25,so if you've been more than
patiently waiting,you only have another week to hold on. Lucy Lawless will be making
a guest appearance(yep,Xena arrives to conquer Neptune!)on this episode entitled
"Donut Run". The rumors are that Duncan will be leaving the show,which is fine with
me since we got Wallace back(Little Sister and I actually applauded when he popped
back in at the end of the Christmas/New Year episode)and I think Veronica should
be with Leo or Weevil anyway,romance wise. Sorry,Logan lovers,but the young Mr.
Echolls is just a ticking timebomb,in my opinion.

On a final note,one of the more notable actresses of our time,Shelley Winters passed
away recently. She wrote a two part autobiography that's worth looking around for(the lady tells some great stories)and if you want to catch a good film of hers,try either
A Place In the Sun or an early debut,A Double Life,in which she worked with the legendary Ronald Colman(see title link). Granted,most folks will remember her reoccuring role as Nana Mary on Roseanne but those episodes were nothing to be
ashamed of-certainly better than having your last film being Streetfighter or Trog.

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