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Thursday, January 12, 2006

More on the Frey fracas and other book news

So I watched Larry King Live with James Frey defending his book along with his mom(who
joined him towards the end)and was throughly nauseated. Frey seemed like he was on auto
pilot,repeating such things as"It's only about 18 pages out of a 432 page book"(we didn't need a page count there,James but thanks)and"It's a book about alcoholism and
drug addiction"(Gee,that's a shocker-thought Million Little Pieces was about knitting or somehing like that!). In the World According to Frey,it's apparently ok to lie about
your life just as long as it's a small amount. Of course,the big dramatic moment was
when the Great and Powerful Oprah called in to cover herself and blame the publisher for not verifying the facts(nice,Oprah-nobody's going to resent you for that,no!). Well,at the very least,this whole mess started the new year off with a bang.

In other book news,The DaVinci Code is finally coming out in paperback on March 28.
It's been in hardcover for over two years now,I believe,following the tradition of
other Bestseller Babes such as Midnight In the Garden of Good & Evil,Angela's Ashes
and Tuedays With Morrie. DVC will be in massmarket and my main curiousity about it
is will it have a movie cover(movie's due out later this year)or the usual reproduction of the hardcover jacket? Inquiring minds want to know.

And finally,Eragon the movie is in production with an official website(see title link)-I liked the first book but haven't gotten to the second one yet. I plan on
reading it before the film version comes out anyway. The movie's stars include John
Malkavich and Joss Stone,which doesn't make me sigh with despair but doesn't make
my heart go pitter-pat either. Hey,a dragon and his boy flick sounds like something
we could use to chase the real world blues away:)

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