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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Oscar nominations:naughty or nice?

I was up bright and early to check out the Oscar nominations for this year(to me,this is the Superbowl pre-show)and well,...the best way to discuss the picks is by dividing
them up into three catagories:


Happy to see someone from History of Violence get a nod(William Hurt for Best Supporting Actor)and hell to the yeah for Michelle Williams forming an actor's
trifecta with hubby Heath and Jake G.Brokeback Mountain recieved 8 nominations
all in all(including Ang Lee for director and Larry Mc Murtry & Diana Ossana up
for Adapted Screenplay)which holds hope for a sweep.

Also glad to see Corpse Bride up for Best Animated(even tho the Wallace & Gromit
movie will be the most likely winner),Keira Knightley get a Best Actress spot and
Paul Giametti have another shot at the gold for Cinderella Man.


Sad to see great movies like History of Violence get so little(Cronenberg was robbed,in my opinion)and films like Sin City get totally ignored. I know Robert
R and company burned some bridges there but it should've atleast gotten a nod
for the breathtaking visuals alone. Another thing that irks me:too many damn
politcal films-I'm sorry but if I want to watch politics,that's what I have
cable TV for. If I'm paying $10 or more(plus popcorn),I want something that
either entertains me or shows me something new to gnaw over. The big films
with political content(Good Night & Good Luck,Syriana and Munich)don't seem
to say anything I haven't already heard but to be fair,I didn't see any of

I know it was a long shot but did want to see In Her Shoes up for something
and would it have hurt to throw the 40 Year Old Virgin a screenplay nom?


The Best Song catagory has been rapidly dissolving with the lack of Disney theme
songs and Top 40 hits-they only pick three songs this year and one of them is"It's
hard for a pimp out here" from Hustle & Flow. Yeah,that's inspiring..right up
there with the Rocky theme!

Best Makeup is a fun catagory but the choices are rather dull this year-"Chronicles of Narnia""Cinderella Man" and "Star Wars;Revenge of the Sith"-tell me which one of
these is not like the others,tell me which one is different,do you know?

To sum up,this year's Oscar race is all set up so let's go catch up on some films
and place our bets.

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