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Monday, January 09, 2006

Liar,liar,book on fire!

Yes,the Emperor has no clothes-James Frey,the current Oprah darling has been exposed
by The Smoking Gun as not being quite the ex-junkie jailhouse badass portrayed in his
memoir,A Million Little Pieces. Million Little Pieces(and his fictional follow-up,My
Friend Leonard)did some sweet business after being anointed by Oprah as her"daring"
Book Club Pick. Frey's mom was even planted in the audience to make the announcement
more melodramatic(she was a model of restraint compared to Tom Cruise,Couch Jumper

You can read the TSG report in the title link-it's very detailed and clearly shows
what a phoney baloney this guy was. Memoirs have been getting some backlash over the
last few years,due to the overabundance of them in the marketplace and Frey's fakery
doesn't help matters none. If you want to read a good credible memoir,I recommend The
Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls. It's a moving,honest story about her parents who pur-
posely chose to live in total poverty and dragged their kids recklessly along for the
ride. Jeanette made a better life for herself and still loves her folks. She keeps
trying to help her mother out(her father passed away)but Mom refuses to change.

Glass Castle's coming out in paperback soon-if Oprah's smart,she'll redeem herself
from the Frey diaster by highlighting Wall's much better book.

UPDATE:Frey will be making an appearance on Larry King Live tonight at 9:00. This
should be fun.

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