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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Some promising late summer signs at the Movie Trailer Park

With Bad Movie Month looming on the horizon(better known to most as August),the chances of more good films to look forward to become dimmer and dimmer. While we at LRG will once again pay tribute to BBM in our usual fashion,with regular Friday features, all hope should not be lost.

Granted,it's hard to be optimistic with the likes of "UnderDog"(a live action version,no less) and "Bratz:The Movie"(another live action feature,the horror,the horror!)being advertised nightly,but there are some decent looking movies ready to pop up on the horizon. Let's take a look-see,shall we?


This foodie drama/romcom is about to be served on July 27 and it does look quite appetitizing. Catherine Zeta-Jones stars as a tough talking top chef who has to melt down some of her icy demeanor to connect to her orphan niece(Abigail Breslin) and hot new sous chef Aaron Eckhart. The timing for this movie is great,with shows like Hell's Kitchen and Top Chef mainstreaming folks into food love and plenty of grown-ups in need of non kiddie fare at the multiplex. Plus,Eckhart is some pretty sweet eye candy there:


This fantasy film(based on Neil Gaiman's book) is due out by August 3 and you might have some misgivings about a big budget flick like this,starring Robert DeNiro as Captain Shakespeare and Michelle Pffeifer as a youth seeking witch, so late in the game but it doesn't look bad at all. The plot has a young man in love on a quest to protect a falling star that's turned into a human girl who has the power to grant wishes. Pretty much a gal in high demand there:


Matt Damon gets back in the action star ring for Round 3 of the Jason Bourne chronicles. With a mix of old faces( Julia Stiles,Joan Allen) and new(David Strathern),plus the promise of finding out the true origins of this ultimate super spy, the third time out should be a real charmer:


August 3 is going to be one busy release date,with not only Stardust and TBU coming out but the long awaited and potentially controversial Jane Austen biopic,Becoming Jane,hitting the big screen as well. Becoming Jane will be in limited release at first,which may make things easier. Nevertheless,there will be quite abit of talk stirred up from this movie which I suspect would not entirely displease the lady in question. After all,for what do we live but to make sport for our neighbors and then laugh at them in our turn?:


I know that this adaptation of Karen Joy Fowler's funtastic novel is really an autumn release but the trailer's already out and about,so why not savor it now? It looks like they may have done a good job here and it may further booster the impending Austenmania wave that's slowly overtaking us all. Dive in!:

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