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Thursday, October 02, 2014

Outlander's cliffhanger,HTG With Murder's first class and Selina Kyle takes center stage on Gotham

For those who haven't read the books, this mid season break for Outlander is tough to bear(I've only read the first one myself) but on the other hand, it does give you time to catch on and/or get a little head start on what's to come.

The action here was harder to handle, as Claire and Jamie faced two sexual assaults, with our man Fraser making one hell of a hero's moment as he broke in on that twisted bastard Black Jack Randall during the second one. While Claire is a strong heroine in her own right, I see nothing wrong in allowing Jamie to let his badass side  come forth.

The only major departure from the book was showing Frank's struggles to keep up the search for his wife, particularly since the local cops have concluded that she ran off with that mysterious "highlander" spotted early on.

That made good sense, as Frank was obviously going through a ton of emotional pain over this(the book is told from Claire's p.o.v.) and capturing that on screen gave a more rounded view to the character, not to mention an interesting compare and contrast to his dreadful ancestor. Yes, it was a little hokey for Frank to reach the circle of stones in his present time just as Claire was nearing them in the past but hey, this is a romantic tale, folks.

Outlander will return on April 4, with a very eager fan base awaiting it's arrival. Between this and Game of Thrones, weekends this upcoming spring should be rather fanciful with fantasy indeed:

 We got to see more of Selina Kyle(who prefers to be called "Kat") on Gotham this week, as she and her street friends were the targets of a sinister child snatching ring. Her scenes weren't dialogue heavy but she clearly has the attitude of the iconic anti-heroine down pat.

Meanwhile, our not so good buddy Oswald Cobblepot is slowly but surely making his way back to Gotham. His plans may seem erratic for the moment but make no mistake about it, this bird has a clear trajectory in mind, not to mention claws and no sense of humor about his nickname.

 Getting back to our Cat Girl, in trying to finesse her way out of juvie, Selina made contact with Jim Gordon and offered to help him out in regards to finding the Waynes' killer. Granted, she was there at the scene yet the assassin was well concealed in his get-up, so I do have a few doubts about how well she really can identify the guy.

Then again, it is an angle worth pursuing for Selina, particularly since she doesn't have a lot of cards to play in this game. She is definitely being set up as a major player and should not be underestimated by any means:

The debut episode of How To Get Away With Murder aired last week and I am looking forward to seeing what happens tonight. Annalise Keating is quite the powerhouse, both on and off campus, and the balance of secrets and lies in her life should be fun to watch.

It's a little too soon to tell about her special set of students at the moment or why they're involved in concealing the murder of a certain someone there(watch the show if you want to know!). The only one amongst them to make a solid impression is Wes, the kid from a struggling background whose talents Annalise has clearly picked up on and chosen him to be her potential protege. Or, is she seeing Wes as the perfect patsy for a yet unknown scheme?

Either way, I'm in. Hopefully, HTGAWM is more than a sharp set-up and that it becomes the must see series that it appears to be:


AMERICAN HORROR STORY: The new season, subtitled "Freak Show", begins next Wednesday and ought to be a good way to stir up some Halloween vibes this season. I'll give it a chance, mainly since this is reportedly the last season Jessica Lange will be one of the headliners. Let's hope that Angela Bassett and Kathy Bates(who are back for this wild ride) will take over from where Lange leaves off here:

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