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Friday, October 31, 2014

An Austenprose Halloween treat and some Devilish Disney sing-a-longs!

Happy Halloween, folks and it's a special one for me as Laurel Ann Nattress from the blog Austenprose very kindly treated me to a special post with an excerpt from my current e-book Fanny Price, Slayer of Vampires today!

This frightful feature is paired with a great depiction of Mr. Darcy in monster mash mode by Bonnie Carrasso(I adore Frankenstein, so FrankenDarcy is the perfect peanut butter cup for the occasion). Much thanks to Laurel Ann for giving my take on Fanny center stage this Halloween and as an extra treat for the rest of you, I'm extending my half price sale on the book.

Just use the coupon code UE59E when purchasing a copy at Smashwords from now until November 5(give yourself something to read while waiting to vote next week!) and the book is listed at Good Reads and Library Thing, so any feedback you can give at either site would be much appreciated.

The excerpt that I chose for Austenprose's Halloween edition should be suitably scary, as Fanny relates to her brother William how she first discovered the true vampire nature of Henry Crawford(and his particular interest in Maria Bertram during their rehearsals for Lovers' Vows).

To me, Henry and Mary Crawford seem to have a very vampire like air about them, with their somewhat sinister allure to the Bertram family and all too agreeable charms. Especially Henry, with his looks that at first appeared "dark and plain" to the Bertram sisters yet they wind up fighting over him something fierce.

Mary's spell over Edmund,who is quick to excuse any of her witty rudeness, also further establishes my case but I think that many ladies(and perhaps a few gents) might enjoy a Henry Crawford with fangs stopping by to pay a call:

For more spirited holiday fun, I have a set of Devilish Disney musical numbers to play at your haunted house gathering tonight.

First up is a Disney Villianess sing-a-long, with Maleficent herself front and center(this is her year, no doubt about it) sharing her bad girl blues with a few of her misunderstood evil girlfriends:

Nest is a take on One Republic's hit song as both bad guys and girls in the Disney Villain pantheon join together to salute their favorite evil doer in their midst.

While I do agree that he's one of the worst, I'm not sure that this usurper would be my first pick for that scary slot there. Alas, I am not the one to be "counting Scars":

These days, no Halloween would be complete without a visit from the trio of witchy Sanderson sisters from Hocus Pocus,as they put a spell on some unsuspecting party goers.

This movie has become a regular holiday classic these days, which is wonderful as they really don't make them like this anymore. Frankly, I'm surprised that this hasn't become a Broadway musical by now(who knows, it might happen sooner than we think!):

We close this out with Nightmare Before Christmas' salute to the season and I sincerely wish everyone a fun and safe Halloween whether you're out on the town or curled up on the couch with your favorite scary movie(or book) to enjoy:


Thaddeus said...

Another great post! This is a fine roundup you've put together. I chose to celebrate by reviewing Rocky Horror Picture Show =) It was just so appropriate for the season. Now I gotta finish up work and get ready for a party at my place!

lady t said...

Thanks,Thaddeus and Happy Halloween to you. Don't forget to do the Time Warp again tonight:D