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Friday, June 15, 2007

I'm a believer in having the Monkees in the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame

The other night,I saw former frontman Davy Jones being interviewed about the Monkees being excluded from the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame. Jann Wenner, who is the head of Rolling Stone magazine and one of the nominating commitee members,thinks that the group is not worthy of joining according to another ex-Monkee member,Peter Tork. The Monkees haven't been offically nominated as far as I know but I don't see why not.

I grew up watching the Monkees tv show(in reruns)and it was one of my favorites. Watching these guys goof around and sing some fun tunes was my MTV back in the day. Their songs still hold up well and bring a smile to my face:

Like Marcia Brady,I too had a crush on Davy Jones(who is still quite a looker today),the short and sweet throated singer who made Daydream Believer such a heartfelt and homespun ballad. That British accent of his got me hooked on English men for life:

The other guys in the band were cool as well-Mickey Dolenz,Peter Tork and Michael Nesmith who directed the group's movie Head and always wore that knit hat with the poof ball on it(wonder if the South Park guys liked the Monkees since they love having characters wear hats like that?). I know the band's gotten flack for being a put together TV creation but so what? Are they any different from such boy bands as Menudo or the Backstreet Boys? Plenty of pop groups have been manufactured by media moguls,it's pratically a tradition. The big difference is that the Monkees not only sold more albums than many of their contempories,their music stands the test of time:

There are a few petitions going about online to have the guys added to the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame roster. I've already signed one and I hope someone on the nominating committee sits up and takes notice. If the Beach Boys and ZZ Top,not to mention Ike Turner,can be inductees,the Monkees should be,too. I'd take Pleasant Valley Sunday over Help Me,Rhonda any day of the week:

So,good luck with the campaign,guys. Hope you get your well deserved place in the sun. After all,you're just trying to be friendly and want to come sing and play. I wish you'd come to my town:


Anonymous said...

Yes, it's high time that the MOnkees got their due award. But let's not put down the Beach Boys!! Both bands are talented in their own ways. :)

lady t said...

True,both bands have their own unique talents that endear them to their fans. I still favor the Monkees abit more since they're more of my childhood(and Davy Jones is still a handsome devil:). Just a personal preference there,to each his/her own.

Anonymous said...

I was a fan back in the beginning.....I am so pleased to see you and countless others talking about the Monkees in a good light, on this www, lately....for too long they have not gotten their due for the influence they have had, and that they certainly are not fake! They were cast aside as the next teen idols began to rise, and then they were labeled fake. And then they could not get work otherwise at the same time because they were too typecast as the Monkees. It was a no-win situation for them, and it is about time the air is cleared.

Julia Stewart said...

Eventually they started writing their own music... their album Headquaters was written and played and sung completley by them. It was number 1 in the country until the Beatles Sgt Pepper pushed them out.