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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Tyrion and Sansa's troubles on GOT,Mad Men's strategy and Judge Judy Primetime!

I know that Tyrion's upcoming trial by combat is not the only pressing matter on Game of Thrones this week but it is a very serious plot thread that can not be ignored.

In trying his luck at this gambit again,Tyrion has more difficulty in choice of champion since Jaime is still unable to fight well enough with one hand and his old buddy Bronn was offered a rather cushy deal by way of marriage to decline(he and Tyrion at least parted on reasonably good terms).

A most unexpected ally declared his intention,Oberyn Martell,who is looking forward to battling Gregor Clegane aka The Mountain. His motive is revenge against the man who carried out the brutal orders to kill his sister and her children, a worthy goal but one that may be hard to achieve no matter the intensity of his desire. Then again, Tyrion has had luck before with unusual acquaintances, so we shall see(not for a couple of weeks,due to the show taking a mini break for the holiday weekend):

Meanwhile, things are not going well for Sansa as her hideout in the Eyrie is far from safe. Her Aunt Lysa caught Littlefinger attempting to kiss her niece and like so many jealous women before her, blamed Sansa for that action.

Her fury nearly cost Sansa her life as Lysa came close to tossing Sansa out the Moon Door but she wound up taking that last flight instead, thanks to her faithless husband(but not before mentioning her part in poisoning certain people). Poor Sansa, this girl is beyond jinxed but you have to give her kudos for slapping that creepy little cousin of hers. Arya may be the smartest Stark gal of them all by strictly dealing with men at the point of her sword:

We're close to the end of this half of the final season on Mad Men and there are a lot of balls in the air,as the partners are scheming against one another. However, let's just focus on Peggy and Don, who were still at loggerheads with the Burgerchef account as well as each other.

Don is more concerned with playing his own game of ball than realizing Peggy's increasing frustrations at work, which she takes out on others in typical Don Draper fashion. Eventually, the two of them manage to find a quiet moment where they can simply take a break from the office tensions and just be themselves. It lead to a nice reconciliation between them and a lovely dance number to boot. The love between them is not romantic but it is all the more touching for that:

A special treat for fans of daytime TV courtroom shows was Judge Judy Primetime that aired this past Tuesday night. The formidable lady of the lace collar did her regular show,along with clips of her well known catchphrases and a replay of both 60 Minutes profiles on her career.

Granted, Judge Judy was not the first person to have a syndicated civil court series( I believe that honor goes to The People's Court, which is still on the air with it's fourth judge Marilyn Milian presiding) but it's definitely the one that comes to mind when anyone mentions this genre. Why is this series so successful, some may still wonder but it is clear that when it comes to tough talking justice, Judge Judy is the mother of dragons here.

Yes, I am a huge JJ fan-confident women who are verbal straight shooters with a firm base of knowledge to back them up are my idols in life and obviously for many others as well. You may not always agree with her verdicts but the lady is fair in her rulings(even to people she out and out dislikes). This primetime special was fun and while I would've liked to have had an interview with Officer Bird(her right hand man who takes no guff either) included, this was a good time had by all, except for some of the litigants, of course:


TRUE BLOOD: The final season is set to air by the end of June and it looks like a gruesome winner take all situation for the folks in Bon Temps. Don't know how this will wrap things up but I'm willing to watch until the very last drop of gory drama is poured at Merlotte's:

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