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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Tyrion's trial on GOT, an unpleasant present for Peggy on Mad Men and the awesome finale of Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.!

Quite a bit of negotiation went on for many of the folks on Game of Thrones this week,with the main focus being on Tyrion's regicide trial.  No one was expecting true justice in this case but  seeing how truly high the deck was stacked against his brother, it was good of Jaime to at least try and convince Tywin not to go for the death penalty here.

 It wasn't too surprising the number of witnesses against him or their dubious version of the facts(particularly that creepy old Maester) and perhaps Tyrion might have taken the deal his father and Jaime had worked out there if not for the appearance of Shae on the stand:

Having Shae twist his words and their relationship in public like that was too much of a blow to bear(Cersei is such a vindictive bitch) and while Tywin may have thought that this extra dollop of humiliation would be enough to bend Tyrion to his will, he vastly underestimated his son on this.

I remember reading this section in the book(A Storm of Swords) and actually cheering Tyrion on as he spoke truth to power when he declared that his "real" crime according to all the world was in being a dwarf. Yes, Peter Dinklage is getting plenty of Emmy talk based on this speech and rightly so, but trust me when I tell you that he and this character have more of a rough row to hoe before all is said and done:

While Don made some strides towards getting his mojo back on Mad Men (and not picking up on the desperate attention needing signals from his wife as usual), Peggy had to handle some frightening fall out from the new computer at work.

Michael Ginsburg has been a troubled character from Day One of his time here on the show and as things went on, you did hope that his occasionally chaotic mental state wouldn't get the best of him.

However, that computer tapped into the darkest parts of his inner turmoil and at first, Peggy thought he was having one of his regular freak outs but when he walked in to her office and handed her that gift box, she knew right then and there that this was a completely different deal. Poor Ginsburg, this is truly sad yet not wholly unexpected:

The Season One finale of  Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. was excellant in so many ways, it is hard to count. However that will not stop me from making a brief rundown of what I felt worked the best and the least so here goes nothing:
 Coulson taking charge and by the end, put in charge of rebuilding S.H.I.E.L.D.

Ward not being redeemed by love of Skye(who is so over him) and receiving a serious stomping from Melinda May(nice touch with the nail gun to the foot there!)

Tripplett becoming a new member of the team-the guy is smart,funny and not bad on the eyes either:)

Fitz using his scientific genius to save Simmons with a little self sacrifice thrown in for extra good guy credit(get well soon there,buddy!)

Every second of Nick Fury on screen


Garrett going totally over the top psycho wacky after his injection of that super healing juice( did enjoy that teaser bit when he appeared to be coming back from the dead only to have Coulson zap him into oblivion)

Deathlok having a shot at redemption,along with some payback(J. August Richards is a great actor and I hope this character shows up in the next round of Marvel movies as well as on this show)

Regina the flower girl having quite a hidden agenda that seems to be a big part of next season(like her subtly sly style and interested in the possible Inhumans plot line that may be unraveling for S2)


Patton Oswalt's return to the series(it was nicely done but not really essential to the state of things in my humble opinion)

In the fall MAOS will return along with another Marvel based series called  Agent Carter, which takes a character from the first Captain America movie(who was also briefly seen in The Winter Soldier) and continues her adventures during WWII.
 How that series will impact the second season of S.H.I.E.L.D. is uncertain but I for one am willing to check it out and happy to make mine Marvel on Tuesdays to come, especially if Melinda May gets to kick more ass:


EXTANT: Not much is being said about this upcoming summer series starring Halle Berry as an astronaut that returns from a year long solo mission in space pregnant. Could be interestingly fun or an interesting flop-either way, it might be worth a look see at least once here:

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