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Thursday, May 08, 2014

Uneasy alliances on GOT,Don's Monolith Blues on Mad Men and Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. heading for their finale

At this point on Game of Thrones, a lot of rearranging of chairs is being done in order to see who needs to stand with who to keep the wheels in motion there.

 Cersei acting very cordial towards Margery during Tommen's coronation was all part of the long con in keeping the Lannisters on the throne,particularly since Daddy Tywin dropped the proverbial penny about the true state of the family finances(owning big coin to the Iron Bank of Braavos is not a great position to be in).

 Margery was,of course, role playing herself as she knows full well that her desire to be queen is rather obvious. You have to admit that Margery is a bit of a jinx as far as future kings are concerned, so maybe Tommen would be better served with another potential bride:

 Out of all the current team-ups here,the most honest one to me is The Hound and Arya, who make no bones about their mutual disrespect for each other.

Circumstances have thrown them together for the time being and while Sandor has little respect for Arya's water dancing skills(which are becoming quite impressive), he does seem to be a tad nervous at her willingness to fight. She still has a long way to go before turning into a major threat but make no mistake, Arya has the deep down warrior spirit that just longs for a true mentor to fashion into formidable fighting gear:

Don's return to work on Mad Men mainly requires him to eat crow as his demoted status is being hammered hard by those currently in charge. Having Peggy be his boss on a new account really riles him up and makes Don pull a stubborn act,which thankfully at the right moment, Freddy Rumsen calls him on.

It's tough for a take charge guy like Don to accept the fact that he's no longer considered the top dog in the yard(most of the partners see him as a mangy mutt that they would be happy to see run off with his tail between his legs) but getting into a drunken sulk is not going to fix things. Hopefully, Don will really wise up and rebuild his empire because regardless of his faults, Don Draper in full gear is a man you want to see win:

 The season finale of Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is next week and I sincerely hope that we're getting a season two because it would be so wrong to leave Fitzsimmons on the bottom of the ocean like that!

During most of the action this episode, we were given a glimpse into Ward's past and how he was recruited by Garrett for what he thought were the secret good guys(who turned out to be the secret bad guys). He's clearly conflicted in his loyalties here but despite what Fitz wants to believe, there may be no turning back from the path of evil that his twisted mentor has put him on:

On the other hand, it was nice to have a touch of comedy relief as Coulson and May channeled Fitz and Simmons(before they were trapped in that box and dumped into the sea by Ward-I know they'll be alright in the end but that was damn cold of Ward,seriously) in an attempt to get some info from Cybertek.

Having Coulson run his crew without any hassle from higher-ups is great fun,especially with that kit of old school tech items from the Howling Commandos,courtesy of Triplett(I have a feeling he and Ward are going to have more than  words regarding Fitzsimmons there). Even if this is a one time run, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has been a great ride to roll on:


PENNY DREADFUL: The series premiere is this Sunday, making for a rather chilling Mother's Day indeed(along with NBC showing a miniseries version of Rosemary's Baby on the same night-what gives there?). However, the show does look promising and as there are only a few episodes of Mad Men left this year, I intend to walk on the weird side with this one:

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