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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Having a few laughs at a Jane Austen Day party

For Jane Austen fans, this is an early Christmas(or Hanukkah, which begins today) as December 16th is Jane Austen's 239th birthday.

 The Jane Austen Centre in Bath has currently christened this momentous occasion as Jane Austen Day  and there are plenty of celebrations both on and off line going on as we speak. As for me, I thought a small party was in order and what's a party without some laughs along the way?

So, here for your general amusement are a few select clips from Jane Austen adaptations and/or Austen themed media that should start this party off right, one would hope:

SOME MST3K MERRIMENT: One of the best loved parties in all of Austen's books is the famed Netherfield Ball in Pride and Prejudice, where Lizzy finds herself breaking her vow to never dance with a certain Mr. Darcy. Austenesque blogger Meredith Esparza gives us an amusing take on that scene as she offers a touch of Mystery Science Theater 3000 style of commentary(do wish Tom Servo and Crow were there in Regency grab!):


More P&P entertainment here, as The Lizzie Bennet Diaries had worked in Lydia's 21st birthday party into the storyline and Lizzie sought refuge from the extremely festive festivities by vlogging in her room.

Cousin Mary joined her for a break from the scene as well, plus a bit of Costume Theater where we found out why George Wickam was pointedly uninvited to this birthday bash. As much fun as a big party can be, it does help that someone retain their sense and sensibility in order to clean up as well as pitch in during the occasional fiery accident:


Switching over to Emma, the awkward Christmas party scene where Miss Woodhouse discovers that her matchmaking for Harriet and Mr. Elton has gone awry is delightfully included in the web series Emma Approved, this time as a holiday office party.

This modern take on that particular event is pretty fun, as guests take holiday card photos and gifts are exchanged yet Emma's confusion about why Senator Elton isn't as concerned about Harriet's cold as she thought he would be is a slight setback there:


It is hard not to return to P&P themed waters, as Bridget Jones' Diary has a bounty of party going delights.

 Choosing just one is as difficult as selecting the right outfit for a smart party but I think that our Miss Jones's wardrobe mishap at the Tarts and Vicars party(where her boyfriend of the moment Daniel Cleaver talked himself out of attending) fits the bill nicely.

Bad enough that she walked into the party without knowing the change in theme beforehand, running into her mum and the new Mr. Collins like admirer in her mother's life was a rather foul icing that took the cake indeed:

As the party winds down, let us wish all Jane Austen friends everywhere a very happy Jane Austen Day and happy holidays as well.

Parties are all well and good but there does come a time to know when to return home and recover from the frenzy that preparing for such things can bring.  During the party, however, despite the heat that can arise from the dance floor, you should remain cool enough not to discard any of your wardrobe whether your soiree is in Austenland or not:


Thaddeus said...

You've crossed me for the last time, Austen!
*falls into rose trellis, receives 3rd degree thorn injuries*

Laurel Ann (Austenprose) said...

Happy JA Day Tara. What a great selection of videos. I just love all the celebrations today.