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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Updated* Having a witches night out to celebrate our Book of Life winner!

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend and that you're fully prepared to tackle the joys of summer reading. I'll help start that off for the winner of the LRG giveaway of The Book of Life by Deborah Harkness(the third volume of the All Soul's Trilogy) by announcing who that person is.....

*drum roll*....and our winner is Ted Hand! *applause,cheers, confetti is tossed* Congratulations and in order to claim your prize, please email me at livingreadgirl@yahoo.com(also please use "LRG Book of Life" as your subject line) with your preferred mailing address. I will pass that along to the publisher, who will ship your paperback copy out of The Book of Life as soon can be.

*Note: due to prior winner not being in the US, a new one has been chosen and my sincerest apologies for the delay in this announcement. Congratulations to our new winner Ted and hope to hear from her soon regarding claiming her prize.*

Thank you to everyone who participated in this contest, from those who entered to the many that re-tweeted the link to this giveaway. I greatly appreciate your efforts and to celebrate this event, I have pulled together a little magical music mix for some dance party fun. Since witches seemed to outnumber the vampires in the entries, songs related to witchcraft are our theme here:

THE BAD MAGIC BOYS ARE BACK: Yes, I know that there are folks who object to the term "warlock"(why, I don't get it) but there are males who practice witchcraft in fiction and whether you call them wizards, warlocks or witches, they can be just as tricky as their female counterparts.

So, while looking for a modern rendition of "Season of the Witch", this tribute to the 2006 movie The Covenant(sort of like The Craft for guys) that had Joan Jett's version as it's background music seemed to fit the bill.

I have heard that a remake of The Craft is underway but not sure if this story of black magic boys will get the same sort of reboot spell cast upon it. Well, the song choice is good anyway for this online sinister salute:

WITCHY DIVA: When it comes to celebrities who may be witches, one name that comes to mind is Cher and not just because she starred in The Witches of Eastwick.

Her style of dress and vocal prowess do suggest an ethereal energy emanating from her , not to mention Cher's forthright attitude towards life more than makes her a fitting leader of any powerful coven.

This performance of "Witchy Woman", mixed with some of "Honky Tonk Woman" there, has that good campy Vegas vibe which we all know and love Cher for. The lady weaves a special kind of magic on stage, there's no denying that:

HIGH FLYING HEROINE: With Diana Bishop being the powerful leading lady of her own destiny in the All Souls' Trilogy, selecting a song from a similarly strong sorceress is perfectly proper.

Granted, Diana doesn't have to deal with green skin or yellow brick roads as Elphaba of Wicked does but both of them could swap stories about duplicitous wizards and making tricky alliances.

 I'm only in the early chapters of A Discovery of Witches right now, so I can't say whether or not Diana has a taste for Broadway yet I do think she would enjoy the merits of "Defying Gravity":

Once again, congratulations to Book of Life winner Kristen and happy reading to all. Let's close this out with a toe tapping number from Winifred Sanderson and her swinging sisters of Salem as they "Put a Spell" on us:

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