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Thursday, August 02, 2012

True Blood's Pam gives her girl a gift,more Bunheads bonding and Elementary's Watson dilemma

Things are unraveling quickly on True Blood,as Salome's new "back to basics" take on the Authority is gearing up for major trouble,Sookie and Jason learn more about what happened to their parents(and accidentally connect with their killer)via their new fairy friends and Jessica is saved from the Monster Squad by Hoyt,of all people.

Amidst this madness,Pam finds time to further bond with her new vampire daughter as Tara runs into Tracy, an old high school acquaintance, at the Fangtasia bar. Those two were never best pals to begin with and Tracy's charming habit of dropping racist insults casually into the conversation causes Pam to break up this reunion rather quickly:

However, Pam is not as displeased with Tara as she appears to be in public. Later on that evening, she brings Tara down into the basement to see what her blood momma picked up for her which happened to be a chained up Tracy,glamored into being a devoted food supplier for our Miss Thornton.

Tara was delightfully surprised and I can't say that I blame her. Pam has that special trait of gift giving,which is to hone in on what truly appeals to the person receiving the present and to make it something that she can never truly resist and for Tara,that happens to be the sweet taste of revenge:

Meanwhile,Eric is stunned to realize that he's become the only voice of reason left in the Authority. Even his blood sister Nora is unswayed from her Sanguinista convictions when he informs her that their maker Godric appeared to him during the Lilith induced feeding frenzy they went on.

How Eric is going to take on Salome and her growing army of followers(with help from Russell,who is ready to add werewolves to the mix)is tough to figure out as his last possible ally from within,Bill,is totally on board the bloodbath train. Chances are that he'll try to recruit Sookie but she's busy dealing with a brand new enemy that has been looking for her for a long time,so good luck with that!:

On Bunheads,Michelle wears herself out teaching both her new classes and Fanny's regular ones,due to Madame Flowers extending her impromptu vacation.That stress is compounded by leaky pipes in the dance studio,which gives her more time with the girls who help Michelle dry out the rug in the dressing room and take them to dinner.

During that meal break,she winds up making a few unexpected impressions on her students that lead to a break-up(which was long overdue,in my opinion because dating only one boy since the second grade is a bit much there)and a new authority figure for Sasha to rebel against:

Sasha is pretty much begging to be parented by someone,since her own folks are too involved with their own lives to pay a minimum of attention to her comings and goings.

Fortunately,Fanny will be back for the next episode and frankly,she's more capable of dealing with Sasha that Michelle is at this point. Michelle means well but her persistent foot dragging about being perceived as a full fledged adult is getting in the way of helping any of the girls out:

Controversies surrounding TV shows before they make their on air debut are now becoming commonplace and in the case of Elementary,the ruckus being raised here has some very unpleasant undertones.

Elementary is a modern day take on Sherlock Holmes that is set in NYC,with Jonny Lee Miller playing the lead and Lucy Liu as Dr. Joan Watson,who has been hired by Holmes' father to be his sober living companion. Most of the objections to this upcoming fall series are aimed at Lucy Liu,whose casting is being questioned due to her gender and race.

*Sigh*Listen up,Sherlock Holmes fans-I understand getting a little peeved at changes made to a beloved literary character but honestly,flexibility in your viewpoint is something that Holmes himself would demand for those wishing to emulate his adventures.

This is a modernization,after all,and if you prefer a male Watson,there is an updated BBC series that has one and is available for viewing on PBS in their Masterpiece Mystery runs in America.

Take a cue from Jane Austen fans,folks;if we can handle seeing Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy fighting zombies or taking part in a Vlog and even as escapees from their own fictional world,you certainly can entertain the notion of Dr. Watson as an Asian lady.

Especially when such a talented actress as Lucy Liu is in the role and frankly,this series looks pretty good to me. CBS does have a decent track record when it comes to putting solid mystery/crime/thriller shows together,plus another new version of Sherlock Holmes brings more readers into fold,as my fellow Austenites can attest to. So,lighten up,people and give Elementary a true sporting chance there:


HELL'S KITCHEN: New episodes of HK and Master Chef will start up on August 13 and the fury awaiting us should be worth watching,as the remaining six contenders have to battle a team of carefully selected opponents for dinner service victory. Ten to one,that group will be made up of former competitors from previous seasons,so this rowdy crew of current chefs better be able to step up or be shipped out:

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