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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Adding some new fall flavors to the TV Thursday menu

Since we're still in that slump period between the summer TV season and the new fall one, I thought this might be a good time to highlight some of the newer fare that I plan on covering for LRG's TV Thursday round-up.

Mind you, I'm not promising anything here but I do intend to give these upcoming series a fair shake and share my initial thoughts with all of you. Hopefully, this trio of new primetime dramas will become a regular part of my routing roster and I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions about these shows as well.

First up is Gotham, the latest reinvention of the Batman mythos. This is a prequel of sorts, as the main focus is on Detective Jim Gordon(Ben Mckenzie) who has just been assigned to investigate the murder of wealthy philanthropists Thomas and Martha Wayne.

  Along the way towards seeking the truth, Jim runs into a number of budding villains such as Oswald Cobblepot,who works for gangster gal Fish Mooney(Jada Pinkett-Smith) and young street hustler Selina Kyle.  Eventually a full roster of future Big Bads  will make their presence known as they turn the city into a haven for evil that only a true hero can and will protect.

Granted, most of the target audience for Gotham is rather well versed in the lore yet there is opportunity to create new spins on familiar characters(hey, it worked for Smallville and is currently doing so for Arrow) as well as bring to life characters from the comics that have only been featured in animated formats previously such as Renee Montoya(Victoria Cartagena) and Harvey Bullock(Donal Logue). It also doesn't hurt that this show is being paired with last season's surprise sleeper hit Sleepy Hollow, a show that I am champing at the bit for to return.

Hopefully, Gotham will exceed expectations,both high and low, and become a powerhouse series that does justice to the Batman legend, not to mention make waiting for that Superman Vs. Batman movie much more bearable:

While I am still way behind on Arrow, I do believe that my timing is right to catch onto The Flash as it makes it's debut run next month. Unlike the 1990's earlier attempt to give the Scarlet Speedster his own show, this series isn't going down the campy road(although John Wesley Shipp who played that particular Flash will have a reoccuring role as Barry's dad here).

Also, unlike the character's appearances on Smallville, he will be called The Flash and not Impulse(don't know why they felt they had to do that).

This series is sort of an Arrow spin-off, as Barry Allen(Grant Gustin) has appeared in Starling City as a forensic scientist. Upon receiving his super powers via an accident involving a particle accelerator and lightning, Barry forms his own support team to use his new found abilities to help others, along with stopping a few fellow meta humans from tearing Central City apart. This should be fun and I'm looking forward to it:

I know that Shonda Rhimes is a talented producer but due to being burnt out on medical shows(no Grey's Anatomy for me) and having no interest in behind the scenes political dramas(which is why Scandal and House of Cards do nothing for me, plus I have no intention of checking out Madam Secretary), I haven't experienced her style of TV just yet.

That all will change as How To Get Away With Murder makes it's opening statement later this month. Law school hijinks with a sharply charismatic teacher who practices the fine art of getting folks off sounds like a snappy sweet treat to me.

The big bonus,as well as drawing power, is having Viola Davis headline the cast. As Professor Annalise Keating, she truly practices what she preaches in the classroom and involving some of her students in a current murder case should raise more than a few eyebrows, not to mention be an eye-opener for those newbies as well.

It does trouble me that HTGAWM is up against Elementary on the same night and time, but since CBS is planning on Thursday Night Football(ugh), that might make it easier for me to take a few  classes with Professor Keating and see if I want to stick around for her mid-term exams:

So, keep an eye for these shows both here and on your TV and please feel free to suggest any others(except Madam Secretary, because I really do find shows like that boring beyond belief) or just share your thoughts about the upcoming fall TV season.


DEATH COMES TO PEMBERLEY: PBS will air this adaptation of P.D. James' Pride and Prejudice themed murder mystery this October and even if you're not into Jane Austen, you may find this miniseries event engagingly delightful:

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