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Friday, December 02, 2016

Inviting a few gal pals over for Jo March's belated birthday party

Earlier this week, it was Louisa May Alcott's birthday and as a lifelong fan of her classic novel, Little Women, I was sorry not to be able to acknowledge that wonderful occasion sooner.

However, as the March family she brought to life on page knows all too well, some pleasures need to be delayed a little bit yet that does not mean they will not be celebrated with more joy later on. To that end, I'm imaging a lovely belated birthday party for one of LMA's most beloved leading ladies, Jo March.

Jo was never one for "fuss and feathers" but she did like to have a good time,especially with good friends. Her feisty nature and literary drive inspired many a budding authoress both in her time and even to this day. No doubt Jo would want to do a dramatic reading or goof around with Laurie at such a party but she would allow her other guests to be just as entertaining to the whole company as well:

A most welcome guest to this party would be Elizabeth Bennet( I am quite sure Miss Austen would be able to spare her from her P&P duties for the occasion).

Elizabeth and Jo do have much in common, both being second eldest sisters in a large family who many consider to be too clever for their own good. However, while Jo would shun snobbish society, Elizabeth manages to be as agreeable as possible while still maintaining her self respect and independent nature. Jo might want to take a few lessons from her on that front:

Some might think that Anne Shirley was a bit young to be attending a party like this but I am certain that Jo would be pleased to have Anne of Green Gables on her guest list.

Such a spirited young girl with a lively imagination as she would get along with Jo and company rather well. I am new to the charms of Anne Shirley myself and find her most charming, despite her flashes of temper, which Jo would easily relate to and offer some advice to her about handling it:

Finally, I do believe that one of the most interesting guests to this particular party would be Hermione Granger, provided she had the proper permission, via owl of course, from Hogwarts to accept the invitation.

No doubt Hermione would be happy to answer any of Jo's questions regarding magic and higher education for females. Granted, some magical secrets she might not be able to reveal yet it would still be a lively conversation.

Hermione's fierce intelligence might cause her hostess to feel slightly ill at ease with envy there but once she learned of the prejudices such a talented young woman with a Muggle background had to deal with at school, Jo would rally to her cause.

If she did see Hermione as a bit too prim and proper for her taste, that notion would be quickly dispelled if a few gate-crashers like Draco Malfoy tried to make their way in:

As we leave such a happy get-together, I do wish Louisa May Alcott a happy belated birthday and a Merry Christmas in advance. Many of us Little Women out there are extra joyous during this time of year, particularly since that wonderful book starts off during that happy holiday and it's a good way to prepare for the challenges that this upcoming new year will bring us:

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