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Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Amazing Race is off and running,Heroes and Nip/Tuck's newborn dilemmas

The Amazing Race has begun,with the first stop in Beijing,China. I was surpised to see not only a food challenge(fish eyes that you had to take right out of the heads!) but a quick elimination right out of the gate. Bilal & Sa'eed,we hardly knew ye. Later on,Vipul & Arti were the last to arrive and recieved a Philination. Too bad,they seemed to be nice.

So far,I don't have a favorite team to root for but Peter & Sarah are pretty impressive-not easy to scale the Great Wall of China with an artifical leg! David and Mary are in the running for Best Feuding Couple,along with Rob and Kimberly. The DumbBell Award goes to the two Cheerleaders(who I've dubbed Suzy Spirit and Debby Debutante,after the GLOW wrestlers)who asked(regarding Bilal and Sa'eed)"Do Muslims believe in Buddha?" Well,that would make them Buddhists,now wouldn't it?

On Nip/Tuck,Sean's "handi-capable" son was born while Christian was out having Mario Lopez give him some lipo to boost his ego about the sexy YouTube clip which made him too fat. I personally thought he looked just fine and hope that clip is actually on YouTube(I know I'm not the only one who would want to download that!).

Sean had some nerve,being cranky about Christian's being late. Atleast he didn't cheat on a pregnant Julia with a Carol Seaver Clone night nurse candidate to the tune of "Wonderwall"! The CSC was sending out so many mental case signals that it was hard not to shout"danger,Will Robinson,danger!".

Well,it looks like we'll be seeing more of Peter Dinklage as the McNamara's new baby nurse and of Jackie Bisset as the mystery woman in new boss Michelle's life. Not smart,Liz,to mention that you spotted your married boss making out in the parking lot with someone else,even if you ment no harm. Folks get touchy about stuff like that.

Yahoo has being showing the premiere episode of Heroes(due to start on September 25) and it looks rather intriguing. I watched it last night and am already hooked on the characters,especially Peter(played by Jess from Gilmore Girls),the younger brother of a politician who dreams of flying and Claire(Hayden Panettiere),a cheerleader that has Wolverine like healing powers-seeing her push her own ribs back into her body made me sit up and take notice!

The show's basic premise is that certain folks are starting to develop paranormal abilities and will be called upon to save the world. There's a scientist who's out to help them and a secret group that wants to keep a lid on the whole thing. Monday nights usually don't have much on,so Heroes will be on my Must-See list for awhile.

Random Notes:

Project Runway: No new episode this week,as Bravo wants to stretch the series thru a good part of October. Next Wednesday will be the Final Challenge and later on,we'll have the Reunion show. Wonder if Keith will show up?

The Office: The season premiere is tonight and more info on the Jim/Pam hook-up will be dealt with,as well as Michael Scott accidently outing a staff member. With Smallville starting up next week,I won't be able to watch this show on a regular basis-why did they have to change the time slot,why?

Also,Lucky Louie will not get a second season on HBO. I know I was one of the few who actually liked it but still feel that it's a shame. Arliss gets seven seasons and you can't even give Louis CK a another shot at it? Here's some of what HBO is giving up on:


PJS said...

I finally saw a few episodes of Nip/Tuck during my recent Phoenix trip. It was odd seeing Cole, the Source of all evil, utterly unfettered by clothing.

Also, I can't believe the stuff they're allowed to SAY on the air, and it's not even HBO!

If I had Tivo or some fancy DVR, I'm sure I'd be hooked.

lady t said...

That's the beauty of F/X,they can say and do praticularly anything(except the F-word)!

The first three seasons of Nip/Tuck are on DVD and there's plenty of Julian McMahon in an unfettered state of affairs to enjoy,believe you me:)