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Friday, September 15, 2006

What films are you hopelessly hooked on?

Robin Brande,one of my new blogging buddies,has just posted that she loves The River Wild so much that she's taking a sign language class to be able to give secret signals like Meryl Streep and co. did in the movie. I'm not here to bust her chops(check out her blog in the links and Diva Knows Best,too!)but her open adoration for this film has made me think of those movies that even tho I've seen it over a hundred times or more,if it's on TV,I'll stop and watch.

So,here's a few of my "just can't get enough" flicks:

You've Got Mail: I'm not the biggest Meg Ryan/Tom Hanks fan but something about this little love story between a bookstore chain magnate and a children's book shop owner who are rivals during the day and e-mail lovers by night just does it for me. There's plenty of great dialogue,fine ensemble performances by Maureen Stapleton,Greg Kinnear and even Parker Posey(who usually irks me)and loads of New York City background scenes-what's not to love?

Lost Boys: One of my favorite lines in Resevoir Dogs is when Tim Roth,in the midst of his fake drug deal story,says"Motherfucker! I'm trying to watch The Lost Boys!" I hear ya,baby. I'm an all-day sucker for vampires and this slice of horror/comedy pizza with garlic galore hits the spot. With the Two Coreys,the Grandpa from Gilmore Girls and the evilly gorgeous Keifer Sutherland(whose role as lead vampire was said to be a template for Buffy's Spike),there's fright night fun for all ages.

Orgazmo: No,this isn't a porn movie but porno is part of the story. Let me explain-I first discovered this super hero parody from Matt Stone and Trey Parker(from their pre-South Park days)on a cable channel late at night with Little Sister. It's become one of those films that we randomly qoute at times-"I don't think I'm going to do hamster style anymore."(that refers to a type of kung-fu,people!).

This wacked out tale of a Mormon boy caught up in the evil world of porn films who becomes a super hero(complete with sidekick!) may not be your cup of Long Island Iced Tea but it's one of the funniest things I've ever seen.

So share,what movie is on constant replay on your VCR/DVD player? Inquring minds want to know.


Anonymous said...

I can't tell if you're making fun of me or not, but I don't care! I stand by my fannish geekiness!

I, too, love You've Got Mail. It's just such a sweet movie, and it is one great love letter to NYC with all that perfect scenery highlighting every season. It so makes you want to live there, but only if it can be in Meg's neighborhood.

Never heard of Orgazmo, but boy, does that seem like a must-rent.

As always, thank you for providing cutting-edge recommendations.

And don't dis my love for River Wild EVER AGAIN!! Did you see Meryl's delts in that movie? Next on my list is learning to row so I can be Just. Like. Her.

lady t said...

I'm not laughing at you,Robin-I'm laughing with you as one geek to another:) I'm such a vampire fangirl that I have two stakes(that say"Buffy" and "Spike") and a holy water bottle amongst my knickknacks.

Meryl was kickass in RW but what I remember best from that movie is how sexy Kevin Bacon was(gots to have my bad boys!).

Reel Fanatic said...

Orgazmo is quite simply one of the funniest movies I've ever seen .. I love the comedies, so my list includes Super Troopers, the South Park movie, the Commitments and Dazed and Confused

Pop Culture Diva said...

Thanks for the shout out. I love Parenthood. There are so many funny storylines I can't pick a favorite. Though the vibrator scene is classic. Steve Martin is hilarious.

lady t said...

No probelm,PCD,anytime! Parenthood is a great movie-one of my favorite bits is when Steve Martin imagines good and bad futures for his son(especially the bad future,when Steve tries to stop his boy's rampage with the gross camp song).

Reel Fanatic,I've seen all the movies you listed,except for Super Troopers. It's from that Broken Lizard group,right? They've made several comedies but haven't seen one yet-what one should I try first?

PJS said...

Orgazmo rocked, as did Baseketball, but I think you and I have discussed that in another comments section of another post. As a former Mormon, I particularly enjoyed Orgazmo.

I avoided "YGM" for the longest time because I was afraid it was just the next step in the syndication of the "Harry Met Sally/Sleepless in Seattle" franchise. And I liked those two SO MUCH that I was afraid this one would spoil it all for me. How wrong I was... YGM was charming, funny, sweet, featured glorious upper west side (my neighborhood) locations, and the unforgettable Jean Stapleton (I think Maureen is the one from Johnny Dangerously).

Lost Boys is fun, but I think I watched it too many times in my youth to sit through it now.

Movies I could watch every day for the rest of my life: Auntie Mame, Strictly Ballroom, Gosford Park, Everyone Says I Love You, Jurassic Park, Something's Gotta Give.

David de Beer said...

Lost Boys - now that takes me back some years. best vampire movie? no. Coolest vampire movie? Hell, yes! I remember I liked the soundtrack, and the two vampire killer geeks from the comic store were my favourites.

hmm, I have a bit different taste in movies I think, my list (which changes periodically):
Dead Poets Society
Team America
Nothing to lose (just can't help it, Martin Lawrence and Tom Robbins were a killer combo. This is my favourite comedy of all)
The Princess Bride
Working Girl
10 Things I hate about you
Return of the Jedi
The Neverending story
Samurai X (my favourite anime movie of all)

the 1st season of My Family, and 3rd series of Blackadder.