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Friday, September 08, 2006

A couple of tunes that I can't get out of my head and one of the best theme songs of the '80s

I know this song's been overused for commericials lately(especially Verizon's Chocolate phone-unless your name is Willy Wonka,you shouldn't name electronic devices after candy in my opinion)but ever since I first heard Goldfrapp's"Strict Machine",this tune has been haunting my mental jukebox. The stylish sexy sounds and throaty feminine croonings of the lead singer just put me in mind of either a sci-fi thriller or a chic spy movie that's not James Bond,thank you(Bond is seriously played out). Also,some of the images in this video remind me of jacket art for a novel called The Secret Lives of Monster Dogs:

I've never been a big White Stripes fan but Jack White's new group The Raconteurs has caught my ear with "Steady as she goes". It's a fun,jaunty number that zips along with you and would be great for a long drive on an open highway. There's two videos for it and the second one is the best showcase for the song. I would suggest to Jack White that sepia tones are not suited to his complexion(he looks more pasty than the Pillsbury Dough Boy,particularly in the beginning of the race). But how can you resist a soapbox derby race with an evil Pee Wee Herman scheming to help the Snidely Whiplash fellow cheat his way to victory?:

One of the joys of Saturday afternoons during the 1980s was watching the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling,aka GLOW Girls. Back then,female wrestlers weren't just greased-up sex kittens,they were allowed to be just as wacky as the guys were. Yes, they had cheesy exploitative and/or sterotypical personas but you could tell them apart from each other! Hard to do that nowadays(except for Trish Stratus,that gal can kick ass). The Glow Girls rocked and now they're on DVD. Check out this promo which has the ladies singing the opening theme song,one of my favorite TV Tunes:


PJS said...

I fell briefly in love with Jack White during "Cold Mountain". But just briefly.

PJS said...

OMG, our little David is now the Design Star!!! I couldn't really turn it into a whole post, so I just thought I'd comment it here.


lady t said...

That's so weird-I just posted at your blog about David,too! It's nice when good people win,isn't it:D?